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Alan my dear:


Yes, I read your wonderful tribute to Whisper; we made a donation in his name to the greyhound adoption people here in Houston — I didn’t know if they had notified you yet.


Do I have the four questions form for Byron Katie?


Joanne 🙂


Dearest Alan,


I just read the article you wrote about Whisper. I was once again in tears – especially at the end.


Alan, these are your words from your heart. I love and support you in communicating your heart’s feelings and message that Whisper was a big part of your life and your teacher.


Girrrllll, I never knew you thought you were a Cat Person………… HEHEHE


It’s Perfection.


I love you,




Hi Alan. Wanted to see how you are doing. I am sorry for your loss. If there is anything I/we can do for you let us know. I’ve been thinking of you and Jim for days since I heard.Â



So sorry to hear about Whisper. What a great dog/friend he was. I will miss him.  Katy Caldwell


Alan, Good Thursday morning. Rebecca and I just wanted to offer our condolences following the loss of Whisper. Reading your e-newsletter we both could tell how much you loved him.  We’re thinking about you. All the best, Stephen


So sorry to hear of your loss. thank you for sharing it with us. C Christina R. Giannelli


Hi Alan,

I just read through your latest newsletter and wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear that Whisper has passed. I know how much you loved that baby. My thoughts are with you. Love, Gigi ________

Hey, Alan.Â

Your tribute to Whisper made me cry just when I needed it. What a wonderful creature he was – with something to teach all of us. Thank you for that, and much love, MaryScott _________________

Whisper’s Passing;

We had our Travis for almost 17 years. I grieved hard for him. In Feb we adopted Travis 2 who I think is really Travis 1 in there back to be with me????? The universe is a mysterious and glorious place. Thanks for sharing!

Love, Gayle



I am so sorry to hear about Whisper. He was such a beautiful dog and we could all see how he was a wonderful friend to you. I’m sure Whisper is very thankful for all the love you gave him. May he rest in peace…

Love ya,



Oh Sweetie,  I am so so sorry to hear about Whisper. Your tribute is very moving. My heart is breaking, too. Dogs are so much better people than humans are. I know Whisper appreciates your many years of loving care and he is all the better for having known you, too. You were indeed blessed and lucky to have found each other. My heart goes out to you.  Love, Kristi _____________Â


Sorry to hear about Whisper. His obituary was touching. We can learn so much when we open our hearts.

All the best to you and Jim.



Lovely essay on Whisper. Very well-written. Bob

_______________ Dear Alan, I was saddened to hear of Whisper’s passing. I remember him well. Your eulogy of him was so beautiful and fitting. While not a dog owner, I can relate to what you said. Heybro, Symbra and Frodo were my Whisper. Animals do teach us much if we are willing to learn. Thank you for sharing him.Love,Joanie _______________Â

Dear Alan,

I’m so sad to hear about Whisper moving on to the spirit world. I’m glad I got to see him when I came to see you a month ago. He really was quite regal. There are so many things we can learn from our furry friends.

Although we can never forget such losses, we can only be eternally grateful for the chance to experience such a wonderful love. I’m sure he’s keeping an eye on you as we speak.




Oh, wow, Alan

that was a beautifully touching story about your Whisper.

It was sad to read of his passing, because you made him so real with your eloquent description of him. You made him feel like family to me, too.

It sounds like there won’t be another to take his place, but teachers come in all shapes and sizes, and usually without much fanfare or warning.

I wish joy to be in the majority for you now,

Big Hug,



Thank you, Alan and Whisper, for sharing this story of this stage. My first, also large dog and I shared 16 years. When the vet came to our home in the fall of 1999 I had a similar experience. I took the puppy Chouette had accepted into the family to share his last months and my mother’s dog (my doggy brother) and walked on the beach to celebrate continuation and carrying Chouette lightly with us in our continuing Life. Rescue remedy may ease the nervous system’s transition. Much love and gratitude, Paris Kiely ________________Â

Alan, bless your heart. I am so sorry to hear about Whisper. He served you well and taugh you many lessons in life. I hope he is enjoying his rabbit chasing?




Alan, so very very sorry to hear about Whisper….I know what a chunk of the heart that leaves with the soul of your loss….I just had a beautiful friend of 16 1/2 years put down…it still hurts but atleast she doesn’t anymore. Take care and save another life by adopting…love Jeanie

Jeanie Davidson

________________Alan, I cried when I read about Whisper. He sounded so beautiful in body and spirit. I hold you in my heart right now. I know how painful this can be. How incredible are our animal companions – what sacred, precious teachings my cats have graced me with. Warmly, Jodine ___________


Wow… what a beautiful story about Whisper. I have tears in my eyes as I finish reading your email. What gracious joy and love between you and that will always remain. Isn’t life amazing that you found each other and shared such glorious years together.Â

Sending a warm hug your way.


_____________Â Alan;Â Thank you for sharing your journey with whisper. As an animal lover, cats mostly, I was touched and cried with you at the loss of this Buddha spirit. The love that you shared changed the energy in my otherwise hectic day. I love you and I hold whisper and all she represented in my heart.Â


________________ Hi Alan, I just wanted to send my condolences to you and Jim on the passing of Whisper. I never met him, but through your beautiful story of his life I feel like I’ve know him for years. I hope one day I find a companion (whether it be dog or man) that loves me unconditionally and teaches me the things Whisper taught you. Love, David Truly ________________Â

I will miss that gentle soul, but I know that he was an old soul returning home after a great journey.

There were many times he would be in the massage room helping to create the ideal healing space – even when you were not there!

You gave him the perfect home, companionship & love.Â

So sorry for your loss,


Love your way,  Alan Davidson, founder of and author of Body Brilliance:Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences (IQs) Dedicated to our healthy, happy, and prosperous world through the full enlightenment of every human being. Through Your Body1103 Peveto St.Houston, TX 77019


Alan Davidson

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