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The Police, Sting…Carl Jung & Sacred Synchronicity

By April 2nd, 2021body mind spirit

© by Alan Davidson, the fabulous gay badass mystic

Today I attempt a rollicking romp through my love of…

1] a certain daytime game show,
2] the rock band The Police,
3] their lead singer, Sting;
4] Carl Jung and his Synchronicity principle, and
5] Sacred Synchronicity.

Are you ready to frolic and dare I say, rock-n-roll?

Sting and The Police~

A cool thing happened on Jeopardy the other day.

Are you a fan of the TV show, Jeopardy (and still missing Alex Trebek)?

At our house, we are die-hard fans and record it every day. Jim never misses an episode and grumbles when his “Jeopardy” gets preempted because of some political drama in Washington D.C. 

Don’t let me digress, ‘cause that’s another episode on Oprah…

Meanwhile…back at Jeopardy.

There was a whole video category “Sting.” It was a series of videos of Sting with clues about his musical career.

Questions, dear reader, I as a long-time Police fan, did not know the answer to. Way-back in 1978, I saw The Police and Sting for their very first US/Texas tour at a dive bar on Dallas’s Cedar Springs Road.

Synchronicity~ The Police’s 6th and final album cover

Clues like,

Answer: “BMI reports that __________ is the single most streamed song in history, ever.

The Question is: “What is ‘Every Breath You Take.’” Not even my fave Police song, but ho asked me?

And surprisingly,

The Answer is:  “The Police’s sixth and final album was specifically named after Carl Jung’s principle about coincidence.

The Question is: “What is “Synchronicity.”

Whaaaat, who knew Sting was more than just a pretty blonde, and The Police were so deep and wise.

My friend Jan Stringer has been working with strategic synchronicity for decades, and is now evolved her teaching to Sacred Synchronicity. So I’ve been thinking about synchronicity a ton lately; and especially, Sacred Synchronicity.

Here’s my twist on these fascinating cosmic principles…

So What’s the Buzz on Sacred Synchronicity~

Sacred Synchronicity is the lattice of coincidence that conspires with our soul for its ultimate realization and destiny.  

Sacred Synchronicity combines two of Jung’s principles;

one) the soul’s instinct to realization of the Self, it’s destiny; and

two) synchronicity of coincidences with deeper meaning for us.  

The very savvy Carl Gustav Jung concluded after a lifetime of studying the human condition that every one of us has…

“an unconscious, inborn drive to wholeness, completeness, and realization of the Self; and that the unconscious will devise the ways and means of bringing this wholeness about, even if they are traumatic to the conscious mind.”*

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”~ Carl Jung

James Hillman described Jung’s snazzy “inborn drive for wholeness” as the Soul’s Code. Hillman, no slouch of a psychiatrist himself, used the “acorn theory” to explain the soul’s code. Just as an acorn is a blueprint for the mighty oak, the acorn is also an apt metaphor for the blueprint for our soul’s destiny. A blueprint we were born with and calling us forward toward our destiny.  

But what makes it ‘sacred,’ silly?

The sacred in Sacred Synchronicity is simply the soul’s longing and fulfillment of its True Self, its Soul Purpose, and its Soul Destiny; the return of the soul to its sacred Source; the Divine, the Holy of the Holies.

Sound familiar? It’s the sacred promise of Evolutionary Mystic meditation; and the deep-desire of every Badass Mystic.

Sacred-Synchronicity~ But wait, there’s more!

Still wrapping your tender imagination around the sacred? Well dahlink, sink your holy curiosity into Sacred Synchronicity.

So what’s up with this Synchronizität (spoken in my drag-queen-alter-ego, Ms. Appassionnetta von Klymaxx’s, worst working class, eastern European accent).

With synchronicity, Jung invited us to look for deeper meaning within the seemingly random coincidences of our life. 

Synchronicity is the principle defined by Jung as “circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection.”

Actually, in his long career, Carl Jung defined synchronicity in several different ways; as an “acausal connecting (togetherness) principle,” “meaningful coincidence”, “acausal parallelism” or “meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”**

An example of a synchronistic event in Carl Jung’s life took place during a therapy session with one of his clients.

His client was a highly educated and rational woman with a serious demeanor. Jung knew he would not be able to get through to her on a deeper level unless an irrational event occurred in the form of a coincidence. Jung sought out anything he could use to get through to her.

Shortly after, the woman began describing a significant dream of a golden scarab (a costly piece of jewelry). As she was describing this beetle in more depth, Jung heard a tapping at the window behind him. He opened the window and revealed a live goldish-green scarab beetle, not native to the area.

The Golden Scarab Bettle

Astonished, Jung quickly grabbed the beetle, and walked it over to the woman and said, “Here is your scarab.” This event was enough to help break the woman from her overly rationalistic world-view and connect her dream world to her waking life.

Synchronicity is two or more random events, seemingly unrelated, that upon closer inspection, have a deep meaning and resonance together. It’s the universal delivery service for intentions, desires, and goals. At least the goals that are in service to our Soul Purpose and our Soul Destiny.

Sacred Synchronicity is the lattice of coincidence that conspires with our soul for its ultimate realization and destiny.  

Big Al’s Life Gets Synchronistic~

Way back in February (at this point six weeks ago feels like a previous life) I heard the fabulous Marian Head present her Revolutionary Agreements.

Revolutionary Agreements by Marian Head

These radical agreements are Marian’s recipe for transforming stress and struggle into freedom and joy. One of those most-excellent agreements is

“Keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.”

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Marian even had us read our fave agreements out loud and commit to following it in front of everyone at the virtual-event.

Being a good student and a good little boy…I read the agreement out loud and committed to ‘change what isn’t working,’ along with everyone else at the event.


Can’t say I did a fearless inventory of everything that I do in my biz and my life; can’t say I discerned what is working and what doesn’t; or can’t say I made any actual changes in my behaviors.

My ‘Good Little Boy’ still looked mighty good in front of the class.

Lisa Cherney, hostess with the mostess of The Get F***ing Real Podcast

Now for synchronicity #2: last week I was talking with my new soul sister, Lisa Cherney. We are both soulful entrepreneurs who are post-apocalyptic survivors of very old-school Internet Marketing.

Meaning we both had successful online careers using old school internet marketing; marketing for the old paradigm of humanity…marketing often grounded in persuasion, manipulation, or coercion.

We survived, Praise the one and halle-loo!

Both Lisa and I managed to escape said old-school internet marketing with our integrity intact. And fabulously we are now committed to the new evolving humanity that demands a new paradigm of business, of marketing, and of sales.

Anyway Lisa was talking about how true healing demands us to “stop what isn’t working.”

Buzz, buzz, buzz; red-lights-flashing!

Now that’s a synchronicity that even a hard-headed, badass mystic like me can’t ignore…

I may be stubborn, but I do recognize a direct “hint” from the universe when it snaps my attention; no more needing a bitch-slap upside the head with a 2X4 for Big Al, no ma’am.

Meanwhile back at “Stop what isn’t working;”

The first thing that popped into my head was “NOT writing.”

As in not writing my next book, Badass Mystic. Not writing regular emails to you, my faithful readers and subscribers.

You see, I fancy myself a writer; a good writer; an award-winning writer. Yet truth-be-told, I’ve been resting on my laurels.

My “two-national-book-of-the-year-awards” winning book, Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, came out in 2007 (ahem, a mere 13 years ago).

Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences…winner of two national Book-of-the-Year awards.

My regular email correspondence with you, dear reader, is unpredictable at best. Sometimes weeks nay, even months can go by and its crickets; radio silence.

So calling myself a writer, when I am rarely writing, isn’t only “not working;” it’s downright delusional. Not to add, maybe not denying, but at least delaying, my Soul Destiny.

Even after the Universe herself, on several occasions, has shimmied my way, bitch-slapped into next week, with one single message, “write your next damned book, sister.”

Okay, Ms. Pushy Universe, your wake-up call is delivered and received, thank you very much; with a sigh of relief at barely dodging a cosmic 2X4 upside my head.

New Sacred Kicks & Synchronicity Tricks…

Old queens can learn new tricks. Here’s the proof…

This little bon mot of an email is my commitment to craft one saucy, sassy message to you, my dahlink! And at least once a week, I will cull some succulent, tasty, inspiring story to help you on your journey to being your most fabulous, Badass Self!

I commit to you and the world, to write at least an hour a day, five-days-a-week, on my next book, Badass Mystic.

I commit to showing up to my Soul Destiny, rolling up my sleeves, as it were, and doing my work. Thank goodness I have tapping to help with any Resistance to my new writing ritual.

Then I can stand back and watch the magic of sacred synchronicity happen. Because I trust the Universe has my back. And will delight me with awe and mystery…when I choose to let it.

Sacred Synchronicity is the lattice of coincidence that conspires with our soul for its ultimate realization and destiny.

Sacred Synchronicity demands that we still the clamoring voices in our head; that we listen deep for the cosmic connections that lie underneath beneath 3-D reality; that lattice of connections that can only reveal themselves within a very still mind and wide open heart.

So tap into the Infinite Stillness and Eternal Love of your True Self. Listen deep as your Soul Purpose reveals itself to you. Take bold action toward your Soul Destiny.

Sacred Synchronicity can, and will guide you. You can have fabulous fun as the mystery shimmies your way, gracing you with those cosmic coincidences.

As Carl Jung wrote, “Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

Choose to see dear one…choose to see.


* David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. (2014), Letting Go: the Pathway to Surrender

** Carl G. Jung (1960), Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle (p.44)



Alan Davidson


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