3rd Saturdays in 2019 ~
1/2 Day Retreat Dates:

Nov 16th | Dec 21st


Embodying Witness Consciousness~

½ Day Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Retreat
w Alan Davidson

Saturday November 16, 2019 | 2 PM to 5:30 PM

“Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts.”~ The Buddha

Why: An Evolutionary Mystic is an ordinary person just like you who can, at will, access the infinite, eternal, and blissful States of Being. Then skillfully tap those Mystical States to heal yourself, your Family, and your World…so that together we can all Midwife the next stages of Human Evolution.

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation helps you embody each of these Soul Goals. With Practice you can Master this straight-forward meditation for yourself; and you can also learn to facilitate others to help them.

Meditation is a technique…but it is also a state of Being. In the mystical traditions, meditation as a state of Being is most often called “Witness Consciousness,” engaged detachment, satori, Samadhi, or nirvana. When you cut through the religious and spiritual trappings that often come with “meditation” you find it is a simple skill…a very simple art and science of training your attention…and shifting your mind.

Join us to experience “Witness Consciousness” and Evolutionary Mystic Meditation, the next revolution in meditation and enlightenment… 

You already are, and always have been an Evolutionary Mystic; longing to emerge from your cocoon of limitations. Sense through your whole body and whole being your most fabulous, most radiant, most ‘enlightened Self.’ It’s just a simple little shift; and easy once you know how.

What: In this three & ½ hour deep-dive immersion you will experience Vast Spaciousness and Stillness. And experience your Fully-Enlightened, Fully Embodied Evolutionary Mystic…your most fabulous, most radiant, enlightened self. Come experience the evolution of Meditation, the evolution of Enlightenment, and the evolution of Tapping.

We Will Use: 1) Evolutionary Mystic Meditation; 2) Joyful Movement ~ Sense & Centering; & 3) Mindfulness Meditation. Stillness & Silence never felt so good…or transformative.

Who: Open to meditators, seekers, and finders of all levels.

Where: @ NiaMoves: 508 Pecore St, Houston, TX 77009

Investment: $60 in advance | $75 day of…

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Bring a healthy snack to share with our circle of mystics.

For More Info Contact: Alan Davidson | 713.524.7139 or News@ThroughYourBody.com