Spiritual Mentoring:
90-Day Manifestation Sprints
w Alan D~ 

Wake Up to your Most Fabulous, Most Radiant, Fully-Enlightened, Fully-Embodied Unique Self.


  • the engaged detachment of your Empty Witness;
  • the exquisite stillness of Divine Oneness;
  • the fierce grace of your Sword of Compassion; and
  • the luminous ocean of unconditional love w your Divine Mother.

Get Clear on Your Soul’s Vision, Purpose & Legacy So That You Can…

Spiritual Enlightenment - Awakening

  • Define the World Class Strategy for Manifesting Your Soul’s Vision, Purpose & Legacy;
  • Master Your Energy & Mindset for Certainty in Your Manifesting;
  • Optimize Your Environment for Manifesting ; and
  • Uplevel Any Skill Sets YOU Need to Manifest the World You Choose to Live In.

Manifest w Elegance & Ease…


  • Vibrant Health & Wholeness;
  • Intimacy & Belonging in Your Most Important Relationships;
  • Money and Wealth w Meaning for Your Career or Business;
  • Success, Peak Performance & Excellence in Your Passions (as in Athletic, Creative, Artistic, or Leadership); and
  • Spiritual Self Realization.

Wake Up to your Most Fabulous, Most Radiant, Fully-Enlightened, Fully-Embodied Unique Self So That You Can…

Heal Your Deepest Wounds, Pain & Suffering by Transmuting Your “Pain Body” into Golden Liquid Light.


  • Sense & Center your Body So That You Can…
    Move Your Body w Power, Grace, & Strength;
    Be Fit & Be Helpful;
    Live w Whole Body, Whole Being Presence in Every Moment (No Matter What);
  • Free Your Mind So That You Can…
    Laser-Focus Your Attention;
    Neutralize Your Negative & Limiting Beliefs;
    Heal Judgements & Blame;
    Embody Engaged Detachment; and
    Embody Stillness.
  • Open Your Heart So That You Can…
    Surrender Your Toxic Emotions;
    Unbind Your Heart w Forgive; and
    Embody Love.
  • Change Your SELF So That You Can…
    Transform Your Old, Unconscious Habits & Behaviors;
    Create NEW Choices aligned with Your Fully Enlightened, Fully Embodied Self;
    Take Inspired Actions to Manifest the World You Most Want to Live In.
  • Embody Your Soul’s Vision, Purpose & Legacy So That You Can…
    Repair ALL Damage to Your Energy Body;
    Clear the Source of Karmic Blocks in Your Energy Field;
    Raise Your Soul’s Frequency;
    Activate Love, Joy, Ecstasy and Bliss; and
    Shine Your Brightest Light Illuminating the Darkest Corners of the World.

alan-close-upIf you would like to get clarity on your Soul’s Vision, Purpose & Legacy please schedule your one-on-one Discovery Strategy Session w me, Alan D~. This is a one-hour session laser focused on you and the evolution of your soul. I offers these sessions as a way to embody my own Soul’s Mission and Legacy of Service.

These Discovery Strategy Sessions w Alan NOT a sales call.

After their discovery & strategy session, some people do ask for my help in manifesting their Soul’s Vision, Purpose & Legacy by investing in my $3,000 a month private one-on-one Spiritual Mentoring.

If you are committed to evolving and transmuting your life; to embodying your most fabulous, radiant fully-enlightened, fully-embodied Evolutionary Unique Self; to wholeness and healing your life at every level; to manifesting your most extraordinary life; and to “whole body, whole being presence” in every moment (no matter what life throws your way)…then apply for your discovery & strategy session now.

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