Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing & Activation

If you want to learn how to master your choices and clear the residue of your past choices, then this session is for you.

  • If you feel like you are in a karmic “loop”, where the same thing happens to you over and over or you are manifesting the exact same amount of money and can’t seem to make more, then in this session, you’ll learn why that is.
  • If you have energy blocks keeping you stuck in recurring thoughts and feelings of fear, craving, anger, shame, guilt, grief, and sadness. Then this session is for you.


Alecia Evans -

Alecia Evans –

Words cannot express the depth of gratitude I feel for your incredible work.   You are truly an Energetic Jedi.  The time you took with me and the clearings were so powerful and so freeing. The levels you took me into to clear my karmic issues felt like diving into the center of the earth to clear my soul of any last baggage I had been holding onto. 

Last night I fell deeply asleep.  I woke a few hours later to my body unwinding every tightness it had been holding. My soul began breaking through the shell I had built around me.  Like Neo in the Matrix diving into Smith and the light came cracking through.  

I have done A LOT of healing and energy work; this was by far the deepest level of clearing I have experienced.   You are truly a master Alan and I feel like I have been unleashed from all the karmic scars of my past.  Thank you so much for walking this path of integrity and humble service. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I am looking forward to living my truth on every level.

Alecia Evans | Basalt, Colorado


First of all, you will learn who you really ARE at Soul level and how to USE this in your life, health, business, and relationships.

  1. You will learn about the tangible structure of your Soul, how that relates to the entire morphogenetic structure of God/Source, the universe, and the cosmos.
  2. The five landmarks of consciousness and what these are called.
  3. The structure upon which your Soul Anatomy is built and how to identify any tears or scars from past experiences.
  4. What a frequency block does to your consciousness and how exactly to CLEAR this.
  5. How to raise your frequency so you ATTRACT a higher frequency GRID of people and opportunities into your life.
  6. How God realization happens scientifically when you REALIZE that you are at one with the Universe and the Universe is at one with YOU.
  7. How you realize that everything OUTSIDE of you is not REALLY outside of you at ALL, but INSIDE of you.


Irina Yashkova~ Houston, TX

Irina Yashkova~ Houston, TX

Thank you for your time, wisdom and guidance in a very comprehensive in-depth session with me on Monday. Your work is both deep and inspiring!

I definitely felt a positive shift after the session, feeling more centered and grounded. I had 3 professional opportunities within 24 hours of the session. They are diverse and exciting. I am working on all three of them. Very exciting.

I’ll be observing the changes and stay open for all opportunities the Universe has to offer. I feel lighter and happier. I am thrilled after the session and can’t wait for more abundance, balance, excitement, vibrance, prosperity and stability to enter our lives.

You are amazing! Irina Yashkova …Houston, TX


Your Soul Reading includes:

Who you are at soul level. During the reading we look at each of the elements below and how you live them from your most Radiant, Enlightening Self AND how you live them from your Defensive/Shadow Self.

  • Your Soul Destiny: Your Universal Soul Purpose & Soul Path
  • Your Soul Gifts: Your Soul Family of Origin & Your Primary Divine Energy
  • Your Soul Expression: Your Soul Quality & Soul Type


Amy M~

Amy M~

The healing session helped me to connect with and actually really be able to feel in my body that it is ok to be expansive and deeply spiritually connected and that I am still safe, valuable and lovable and worthy of love and i still have gifts to offer…  

I have known this in my head for awhile but the healing session helped me to really be able to integrate it all at a much deeper level where I can actually FEEL deep in my Soul. I feel so much calmer and much deeper sense of inner peace… this is huge bc so far, I am also no longer being awakened out of a deep sound sleep at dawn from severe paralyzing panic attacks, (which has been going on/off for years… you have no idea what a beautiful Soul gift this is for me and what a huge relief  it is… 

I feel like i can breathe knowing and feeling that i am safe and loved in the world just by being me.  No more trying to be something that I am not for safety, love or security…  

I feel so much more solid in my beingness and feeling that my spiritual and Soul connection and my connection to the Infinite and beauty of Divine love in the world is what creates safety for me in the world which also allows me to feel so much more clarity on how this is all also deeply connected to my purpose…and now I feel like am able to hold that and I can feel in every cell of my being how that is what actually creates my feeling safe in the world.   

Thank you for sharing the love and compassion of your Infinite Wisdom and your Divine Beauty… you are absolutely brilliant and such a dear Soul!

Amy M~ Massachusetts 


Soul Assessment~

How you can use this Soul reading:

  • Physically, emotionally, mentally, morally, & spiritually; and in these arenas
  • Health, Wealth, Love, Peak Performance, & Spiritual Connection

Soul Diagnosis~

I do a soul scan for you. Checking to see if you are:

  1. missing any Soul Facets,
  2. have any tears in the Soul’s Golden Web,
  3. any soul attachments draining your life force energy,
  4. have any chakras under-active or over-active.
  5. What priority karmic imprints (frozen light) are blocking you now.

Soul Clearing & Healing~

Together we do an entire healing & clearing to repair, restore, re-integrate, and activate your soul energy field.

We also clear the priority karmic layers “frozen light” blocking you at Soul Level.

Divine Download & Soul Activation~

We download new soul programming and activate any dormant soul energies now available to you after the clearing.

With their soul’s permission (which I get from their higher soul-self), I can include anyone who lives with you in your home as part of the healing & clearing. And we can clear your home as well.

This is a THREE+ hour session!

We do these reading via Zoom video conference so you have a recording. You can re-listen to the reading anytime.

More importantly, you can watch the healing and clearing part over and over till you peel away the layers of “frozen light” that are blocking you at soul level.


Margaret M Lynch~ Attleboro, MA

Margaret M Lynch~ Attleboro, MA

The four-hour Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing & Activation session with you changed my life! You told me that I was “playing too small; to think bigger, be bigger.” You were right!

Because of your guidance (and insistence) I’ve stepped up my game…and since the amazing clearings we did to support my new vision I have completely overhauled my entire business strategy and structure.

We are now singly focused on certifying the best trained, most effective, and highest paid coaches in the world. Now every choice I make for my business has to meet the criteria that came from our healing session.

Update 9 months Later: This past year was the most financially successful in the history of my business; even with ALL the changes we’ve made to over-haul and update the whole organization to our new vision. Thank you, thank you, thank you…from your lips to God’s ears.

Margaret M. Lynch


Your everyday investment for these exclusive one-on-one profound, life-changing experiences is $1997.00. 

If you’re ready to “know” who you are at soul level and remove the blocks that keep you from living your soul’s higher purpose, then please click here:


Bonuses with your Soul Reading:

    • Bonus 1: Free ticket to Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Experience…my three-day LIVE transformational event in Houston, TX coming up Fall 2019 ($497 everyday price)
    • Bonus 2: Lifetime access to my Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Foundations: Home Study Course ($497 everyday price)
    • Bonus 3: One Hour Integration Session w Alan D~ ($497 everyday price)
    • Bonus 4: Rhys Thomas Interview: author of Discover Your Purpose – 2 hour deep dive into mastering your 7 Chakras – sheer brilliance ($54 Value)!



Once you’ve placed your order, I’ll get started on my end to complete your reading and diagnosis. And create your unique PowerPoint slide presentation.

Would love to share this soul work with you…