Rainbow Light Body Repair~


Rainbow Light Body Repair Healing is designed to:

  • Repair Tears, Portals, & Worm Holes in Your Light Body Field,
  • Clear Priority Vows & Negative Programs,
  • Clear ALL External Light Body Entities & Attachments,
  • Clear Priority Karmic Blocks & Imprints,
  • Restore & Repair any Missing or Damaged Soul Fragments,
  • Activate Dormant Power in Your Light Body

All sessions are 100% Digital.
You have lifetime access to the training…

Module 1: Auric Field~ Clearing Priority Vows,
Module 2: Auric Field~ Clearing ALL Entity Attachments & Healing All Vortexes, Tears, and Worm-Holes,
Module 3: Auric Field~ Clearing Your Priority Karmic Blocks,
Module 4: Auric Field~ Restoring, Integrating & Activating ALL Your Soul Facets.


* Bonus 1: Ticket to my next EMX-Live, Evolutionary Meditation Experience event…value $497!

* Bonus 2: Clearing Toxic Emotions From Your 7 Embodied Chakras…value $97!

* Bonus 3: Kalaidoscopic Light & Sound 7 Chakra Meditation…value $47!

* Bonus 4: Rainbow Light Body Repair Facebook Group…value Priceless!

I’ve found over my time that we human beings need help in Five Areas:

  • Soul Connection & Soul Purpose
  • Deep Intimacy w Family & Friends
  • Making Money While Being Useful
  • Vital Health
  • Peaking Their Performance

The underlying issue, I believe, for all five of these arenas is two-sided:

  • Side one – an ingrained, twisted idea that “we,” or at least “I,” am broken, flawed, or somehow wounded;
  • Side two – that it is somehow dangerous to own and embody my unique value in, to, and for the evolution of humanity.

These two collective “Vows, Limiting Beliefs, and Twisted Energy Patterns” keep us frozen in old karmic loops and making choices that self-fulfill ALL our reasons for playing small…

They keep us from our fully-embodied our PRESENCE…

The irony is that these Vows, Limiting Beliefs, and Twisted Energy Patterns are stored in our Spiritual Anatomy, the seven embodied chakras of our energy fields. And most healing modalities don’t (and can’t) clear them. Our Spiritual Anatomy need to be repaired; these old karmic patterns need to be cleared, and the energy field activated if we are to live into the best version of ourselves that we were born to be.

It really is that simple…

The next best step for our work together is the
Rainbow Light Body Repair Healing.

It is literally the first step I suggest for anyone wanting to heal the core beliefs “I’m broken” and “It’s dangerous to be me.”

Every Day Price $497