Do you Want to know how to…

Access the Wisdom and Power of
Your Own Body…
to Heal Your Body and to Fall Deeply,
Madly in Love with Your Body

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Is your body a stranger to you?

Do you run around, focused on the demands of your day; oblivious to the basic life of your own body?

Do you live a short distance from your body?

Are you neglecting your body so much so that you injure yourself regularly, get sick too often, or just feel like a slug?

Do you want the gifts and power Your body

offers to CHANGE your life?

Perhaps you “know” the importance of physical intelligence and exercise in a Body-Mind-Spirit program, have had a yoga, martial art, weight training, running, or walking practice in the past; but just can’t get past the demands on your time to commit to an exercise program.

If you had a choice between living your life as a sluggish, distracted, couch potato or living a powerful, embodied life, which would you pick?

What If?

What if I told you that you could live in and through your body to Be Healthy, look good, feel great—Be Wise, think clearly, choose your best—and Be Happy. Boosting your Five Vital IQs– physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual–allows you to do just that.

Raising your Five Vital IQs ensures that you have the energy and peace of mind you need to handle the challenges you face in your everyday life.

Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences shows you how to Love, Reconnect to, and Live in your body, especially if you now feel separate from, or even fear your body, haven’t exercised in years, or simply just want support in your own Body-Mind-Spirit Program.

Where Are You Stuck?

Do you ever ask your self, “What are the blocks and barriers to living my perfect life? Where am I stuck?”

  • Can you listen deeply to the wisdom of your body for the answers to these simple questions? And listen to the wisdom of your body for the Solutions
  • If you are ready for a serious (and heartfelt and funny) shift in your being…
  • If you are ready to bust loose of your limitations, blocks, and barriers…
  • If you are ready to strategically focus your own body wisdom with the Intelligence of the cosmos that spins galaxies and shines through you…

Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences is PERFECT for you. It’s your solution to what ails you…

This book is your oasis for healing. It will give you a radical shift in your being, guaranteed. You’ll have specific measurable change in your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Moral, or Spiritual IQs, guaranteed.

From Alan Davidson;

Dear Body Mind Spirit Friend,

I’m Alan Davidson, the founder of and the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 bestselling Health and Wellness book and winner of 2 National Book-of-the-Year Awards.

But life wasn’t always so rosy for me…

I remember a hot August afternoon in 1987. I could feel the fear saturating the walls around me. I sensed the very walls around me thrumming with fear: the fear of all the other men and women who waited here for the news that they might be sick that they might die.

I was at The Montrose Clinic, waiting for the results of my first HIV-AIDS test. Once I realized Aids was caused by a virus I assumed I too would die an awful death.

And why not: I had moved to Houston in 1980 to become bartender to the fabulous. I “slung drinks” through the wildest nights, seeing my share of flashing highs and crashing lows. I was also an IV drug user, a meth junkie.

Everyone knew me; I was famous (or infamous). I was also a mess. I caught hepatitis B at a cocaine “shooting party” and shared needles with friends who had already died from AIDS.

Finally, in early 1987 I hit rock bottom. Unable to trust the love of friends and family, I succumbed to self-imposed isolation and became desperate with fear and loneliness. I knew I needed help or I would kill myself.

Fortunately, my friend Gary D. took me to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and the hope I heard there gave me the courage to make some changes in my own life. I began life anew, clean and sober.

The next step was facing the truth about my HIV status. My roommate at the time, Dr. Wayne, kept telling me that I seemed too healthy to be HIV positive, and so I finally surrendered to a test. Hoping against all odds to hear good news, I sat anxiously in the clinic and waited, looking out the window.

a story of courage, passion, discipline, and joy


“This book chronicles one man’s journey and transformation into the brilliance of embodied consciousness. It’s a story of courage, passion, discipline, and joy; as well as being pragmatic, insightful, and educational. It’s a beautiful book!!”


Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D.
Petaluma, CA

…author of The Anatomy of Change

In Search of the Warrior Spirit



 …Spared from the executioner

Then, a miracle. Despite all the bad choices I’d made, I was, and still am, HIV negative.

Stammering my thanks to the counselor, my mind cleared as the anxiety drained from my body. Relief flooded my senses with a rush of energy. I felt ecstatic, bristling with energy.

I knew I was a miracle, to be healthy in the face of so much sickness and death—I’d been given a reprieve from the executioner. I walked into the Houston scorching heat vowing not to waste my god given talents anymore.

The dull fog I lived in for so many years finally lifted. My master plan was to start a small massage therapy practice, quit bartending, and return to college and finish my undergraduate degree in psychology, then obtain a Master’s in social work and start a counseling practice.

Six months later I found myself in massage training. Over the next half-year Nancy Winters and her friends, Joe Lindley, Debbie Starrett, Don La Guarta, Pete Lidvall and Dr. Liang, introduced me to the wonderful world of massage.

For them massage was not just therapeutic touch, it was a spiritual practice.

The Body Wakes…

I explored the place where my body (long ignored), my mind (long indulged), my feelings (long buried), and my spirit (long denied) were interconnected.

I experienced how touch called forth forgotten memories and soothed my mind, so that my body could heal and my heart could open. As my mind relaxed I began to unlock the shackles of fear that confined my life.

Through massage therapy I learned how to awaken my body and call forth all the dormant energies at the center of my life, how to discipline my mind, to express and acknowledge my emotions—in brief, how to caress my spirit and let it soar.

I did return to college and finish my B. S. with a focus on sociology, psychology, philosophy, and religion. But by then my massage practice was thriving.

I had seen how powerful massage therapy could be. I had to choose if I wanted to be a “touch therapist” or a “talk therapist.” I chose touch therapy.

“Our body…a powerful ally”


“My little evangelical heart beat fast when I began to read Alan Davidson’s Body Brilliance. Thanks to St. Paul, Augustine, and my grandmother, Noni, I learned at an early age that my body “was the enemy” and that I “should wage war against it.” Then along comes Alan with another gospel altogether. What good news it is to learn again that our body is not just our friend but a powerful ally on our journey to spiritual wholeness. What an amazing book.”

Mel White, Lynchburg, VA co-founder of Soulforce and author of Stranger at the Gate

A Stroke of Brilliance…

In my own massive studies and work with thousands of clients I realized we have these Five Intelligences: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Moral, and Spiritual. I call them Your Five Vital IQs.

Each of these IQs can be measured, and more importantly, boosted and improved.

I also realized that every challenge, difficulty, obstacle, block, barrier, crisis, illness, or injury we face affects each of these IQs.

Everything that happens to us impacts our bodies, our hearts, our conscious and unconscious minds, our choices, and our spiritual energy grid. Every broken bone, each divorce, cancer diagnosis, or job layoff STAMPS itself in each of our Five Vital Intelligences.

 “a host of startling and wholly original revelations”

“Knowledge is power, to be sure, and Alan Davidson’s superb new book, Body Brilliance demonstrates that knowledge may also be beauty–in the form of health, harmony, and multidimensional enlightenment. This book stands out from the crowded field of holistic and integrative books in that the author obviously possesses and is able to communicate, a depth of spirit and brilliance of intellect far eclipsing the average health care expert. With stunning photographs by the talented Victoria Davis, Davidson’s exquisitely crafted style conveys a host of startling and wholly original revelations on the care and maintenance of the human body, mind, and spirit.”

Todd Michaels, M.D.

Author of The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle and

The Evolution Angel


Slow Boat to China…

If you feel stuck in a rut and can’t seem to kick-start the changes you want for yourself, it’s not your fault…Read on:

The reason you have such a difficult time breaking through the blocks and barriers that keep you from wholeness, healing, and brilliance is this…

Most therapies focus on one IQ. Yep! Think about it.

  • Getting fit at the gym aims specifically at your body, peaking your Physical IQ.
  • Emotional Therapy focuses on getting rid of your negative emotions, boosting your Emotional IQ.
  • Cognitive Psychotherapy emphasizes your thinking mind and changing the stories you tell about your life, lifting your Mental IQ.
  • Behavioral Therapy focuses on changing your responses to environmental triggers, raising your Moral IQ.
  • Twelve Step Programs, Prayer, or Meditation focus on the spiritual solutions to your problems, launching your Spiritual IQ.

Trying to solve your problems, or kick your life to the next level, by focusing on just one IQ is the long way around, the proverbial “Slow Boat to China.”

Yes, those therapies are time tested and do work…over time, often lots of it. Sometimes achingly slow progress and eons of time that could be used LIVING your own brilliant life.

… clear the trauma, blocks, and barriers!

The fastest, most practical approach to success is to clear the trauma, blocks, and barriers from each IQ as you boost the power of each Intelligence and integrate all of them into your life.

It’s just that simple. By showing you how to clear, peak, and integrate each IQ you are empowered to LIVE now.

Body Brilliance introduces you to each of your Five IQs: physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual.

This award winning book then focuses on Physical Intelligence, showing you how to peak your Physical IQ and how to access the power and wisdom of your body.


Body Brilliance:

Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences

shows you how to…

  • Discover the “work/rest” ratio of an Olympic trainer from Greece, 2,000 years past that, today, separates the tennis superstars from the merely good players. Get the right balance in your life and become a superstar at home and work.
  • 7 essential body weight exercises, practiced in the privacy of your own home, that will quickly amp up your muscle mass and strength.
  • Defrazzle your nerves (without reaching for the remote).
  • How the happiest people choose, every day, to view and talk about their lives… changing your thinking will change your life.
  • Aristotle’s definition of a happy life. Chart your progress on the “vibrational map of consciousness” and watch your happiness score jump to a super level.
  • The 5 ancient yoga poses, from high in the Himalayas, the masters reveal as their secret to a long and healthy life.
  • Delve into the Navy SEAL’s secret training routines (without enlisting) to get into fabulous shape.
  • Skip the boring gym workouts. Learn how to use your own body weight and simple household equipment to get pumped up in just a few weeks.
  • Simple Tai Chi—Five Element routine for graceful movement to focus and soothe your mind. Body Mind Spirit teachers rave about how effective and easy this routine is and how quick it is to learn.
  • The Ten essential stretching exercises to guarantee your supple and flexible body for the rest of your life.
  • The “Secret” Body Meditation the Buddha taught 2,500 years ago.
  • Sacred aromatherapy bath to cleanse and purify your body every night.

Celebrate and Sing our ‘Body Electric’

“This book is a very personal homage to the miracle of the Human Body, and its God-given gifts to all of us. Learn how to Celebrate and Sing our ‘Body Electric’, and Dance with Spirit. Let the Five Moving Forces of CHI shine through us, Being Fully Alive!”

Chungliang Al Huang

founder-director, Living Tao Foundation Author of Embrace Tiger, Return To Mountain



Body Brilliance Really Works!

I’ve shown thousands of people of people, who’ve generally spent hundreds of dollars to learn the knowledge you’ll learn in your Body Brilliance book. Here’s what other people have said about Body Brilliance:

“I LOVE this book and you will too. Body Brilliance is one of the most enlightened—and enlightening—books I have ever had the privilege to read. It reads like a memoir and is absolutely compelling, not to mention unique and practical; like a combination of Ram Dass and Christopher Isherwood.”

Krandall Kraus

Lambda Literary Award winning author of Bardo, and It’s Never About What It’s About: What We Learned About Living While Waiting To Die.

“Body Brilliance is a brilliant display of wisdom and beauty. It not only shares profound truths about the living body that everybody can use, but shows us, via Alan Davidson’s personal journey, how real wisdom is born through honest seeking and perseverance. This is a lovely book. I hope its light shines everywhere.”

Robert K. Hall, M.D,

Author of Out of Nowhere, co-founder of Lomi School

“Body Brilliance seamlessly integrates diverse modalities into practical solutions that everyone can apply to changes in their life.”

Dawn e. Clark,

Author of Gifts for the Soul

What About People Like Me?

I can hear you thinking: “It’s all well and good that famous, successful people think Body Brilliance is a good thing, but what about people like me?” Let me share what a few “regular” people have said about Body Brilliance:

“Wow! Body Brilliance is very well written and very honest. To that I would add passionate. It is truly an enjoyable book to read and I love all the autobiographical material. It certainly elevates the book from a treatise on the body to something filled with heart and soul. Great job!”


John Collins,

Sisters, OR

“I totally devoured Body Brilliance….skipping around some….but before I knew it I had read it all.”


Ann Lasater,

Parthenon, AR 

Alan shares his story and reworked ancient wisdom in a modern, witty, and accessible style.”

Gabriel Clark,

Oakland, CA

Body Brilliance Shows you how to:

Love and Heal Your Body,

Release Judgment and Open Your Heart,

Free Your Mind and Lose Your Fears,

Choose Your Best,

Soar Your Spirit…

and Be Happy!!!’?

But that’s not all…

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Exclusive, never-before-heard, audios to propel you forward even faster. Receive interviews, conducted by Alan, with six top new thought leaders:

Ruminations on Rumi and Quantum Healing

Best selling author of more than 40 books on spiritual and health topics including “Creating Health,” “Quantum Healing,” the “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.

In this interview he discusses, the argument for the existence of God and for the afterlife, world peace, and the Sufi mystic Rumi.

Marianne Williamson:

The Healing of America

Well known as a spiritual activist, author, lecturer and founder of the Alliance. the press refers to her as a modern-day shaman, a Mother Teresa for the ‘90s, and Hollywood’s answer to God.

In this interview, Marianne talks about both established Christianity and Judaism, love and common sense, and politics in her irreverent and intriguing language of the Seventies.

Caroline Myss:

The Sacred Contracts

Caroline Myss (pronounced ‘mace’) is an American medical intuitive and mystic, author of numerous books and audio tapes, including national bestsellers. She has collaborated extensively with Dr. Norman Shealy, an M.D. schooled at Harvard, tours internationally as a speaker on spirituality and lives in Chicago.

Here she discusses “The Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing” and “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”.

Jean Houston:

The Rise and Healing of the Shadow

Jean Houston is one of the founders of the Human Potential Movement.

In Houston’s widely-viewed PBS Special, “A Passion for the Possible,” she calls all people today to consider human potential and greatness.

In this interview Jean discusses the patterns, challenges, and dedication to living a Mythic Life.

Highlight: Meeting Helen Keller…

Andrew Harvey:

Warriors of Love

Andrew Harvey is a modern day mystic. He envisions true spirituality as the divinization of earthly life through spiritual practice. These practices can take many forms and can be taken from any religious tradition. The process of divinization will result in the gradual elimination of ecological destruction and of all forms of prejudice, especially racism, misogyny, and homophobia.

He discusses, with Alan, how to apply ancient truths in your modern life.

Arun Gandhi:

Be the Change You Wish to See

Arun Gandhi is the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. A devout Hindu, his philosophies are strongly influenced by Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Catholic /Christian concepts. Like his grandfather, he also believes in the concept of ‘non-violence‘ (ahimsa).

Hear his amazing story in his own words.


Victoria Davis, Body Brilliance Photographer extraordinaire: offers you a Downloadable High Resolution photograph from her own book

shakti: the feminine power of yoga

Flow by Victoria Davis

The photograph is sized 8½ x 5

with a 300 dpi resolution.

“In a gallery this prints sell for $600”


From 2 of today’s most influential authors:

Downloadable custom essays that will guide you

further along your path to brilliance Katie:

author of Loving What Is

Byron Katie uses her simple and profound process of “self-inquiry” called “The Work”and shows you how to use it to transform your most impossible relationships.Learn how four questions can change your most stressful thoughts, and lead to deep inner peace.Her newest book, A Thousand Names For Joy has just been released.

For “Body Brilliance” readers here’s a special report everyone needs to read: “21 Ways to Keep the Peace”

Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief

Hundreds of his former audience members have improved their spiritual, physical and mental well being by applying the principles he discusses in his lectures. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology. Dr Lipton’s work summarizing his findings, is entitled The Biology of Belief.

Bruce gifts “Body Brilliance” readers this fantastic report:

“Mind Over Genes:

The New Biology



Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five VItal Intelligences in e-Book format.

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52 page –

Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five VItal IQs Exercise Routine.

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Wise Heart, Brilliant Mind


Alan Davidson

Exclusive live webinar

Living Your Wisdom, Changing Your World

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Love your way…

Alan Davidson,

author of Body Brilliance:

Mastering Your Five Vital

Intelligences (IQs)

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