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Praise For Enlightening Expert VIP Mentoring:
Sales & Marketing


Alan & Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker – Durango, CO – creator of the Product Launch Formula says…

I’ve known Alan for 6+ years, and he’s one of four or five
Product Launch Strategists that I will personally vouch for.
And he’s an amazingly cool human being.




Ted McGrath

Ted McGrath – Los Angeles, CA says…

Thank you Alan for your help. We are proud of the whole launch strategy, the messaging, and the launch videos too. All the launch opt-in pages converted really well.

Our Launch is coming to an end…Fyi, we are nearing in on 1.4 million right now for the launch…Were just scooping up some final applications…We will announce our final numbers to our partners early next week…

Thanks for all your help and support….I appreciate you, your guidance, and the structure you laid out for us..I learned a ton from this experience…Thanks, man!

Lisa Sasevich – San Diego, CA says…



Erin Melnick

Erin Thoms Melnick – Morresville, NC – Partner, DavidNeagle.com says…

Alan was instrumental in a launch we did back in … 2013 (I think). It was a while back, so I hope you understand that I don’t have my final figures and stats at my fingertips.

I was very pleased with the launch. We added over 9000 new subscribers to our list (which was the largest single influx to our list in history, at the time), and while I don’t have the exact number of folks who bought the program we were offering, I do know that over 120 of our launch buyers attended the live 2-day event portion, and we closed that live event with program sales in excess of $132,000.00. (So certainly, our investment with Alan paid for itself many times over.)

I have nothing but over-the-top accolades to share, in terms of the day-in and day-out working with Alan. Have no doubt, he absolutely KNOWS what he’s talking about. His experience and numerous skillsets are impressive to say the least, and the outside contractors he brings on board to execute are total professionals also. You / your launch will not be guinea pigs … everything Alan advises & executes is based on previously tried and tested (tested, tested, tested) models.

What else can I tell you?
Alan is wicked smart.
He has tremendous energy.
His attitude is always uplifting.
He know a LOT about … a LOT.

Professionalism and respectfulness are simply a part of his cellular makeup.
No matter the conversation or interaction … I have left each and every conversation with Alan better off (more energized, more optimistic, more clear) than I was previously.
In short: I have no qualms or disclaimers about recommending Alan with 150% enthusiasm.


Margaret Lynch


Margaret M Lynch – Attleboro, MA says…

Alan Davidson is THE Product Launch Manager, King of all Kings! From his lips flow God-like words of wisdom and conversion, creator of the no bullshit enlightened tapping process that is guaranteed to spin ur nips, on again off again drag queen, husband of a handsome sailor,  etc!



Glen Ledwell

Glen Ledwell – San Diego, CA – co-founder of MindMoveis.com, says…

Alan Davidson is the ONLY Product Launch Strategist
I recommend for the Personal Development industry…





Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans – Murrells Inlet, SC says…

Alan was extraordinarily helpful in us hitting the NY Times Bestseller list.  We got wonderful ideas and specific strategies.  As I am sure you probably already feel from Alan- he is very approachable and accessible.

Your goals seem like a great match for Alan’s strategic brain, experience, and thoughtful support.


Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad – Los Angeles, CA says…

“Alan Davidson is a remarkable and thorough professional.  With all the many parts and pieces of a full-on high-powered, high-revenue webinar launch process, he keeps it all together, bringing power and elegance to each step so that all parts point to high profit.
More than that, Alan brings to each project a level of integrity, humor and ease that makes this high-stress business flow effortlessly. I wish I could trap him and keep him in my office year round!  I’d make a lot more money – and I’d laugh a whole lot more, too.”


Praise For Enlightening Expert School


Sheila Paxton

Sheila Paxton – Boulder, CO says…

Alan is truly one of the geniuses in my life. When I met Alan, I had a dream in my mind to help other coaches turn their Signature Programs into Certification Programs that could be accredited by the International Coach Federation.

I came to the 3-Day LIVE Event; we worked ALL day and we worked hard! When I left I went from having a dream to having a fully blown program…and with an exact blueprint on how to launch it. I’m proud to say that my Program Certification Formula is now a high-six-figure annual business and I LOVE it! Thank you Alan.



Joan Ranquet

Joan Ranquet – Los Angeles, CA says…

When I started Alan’s Enlightening Expert Course-Creation School I had an idea to relaunch my first Hay House book, Communication With All Life. I wanted to create buzz about my upcoming new Sounds True book…

Alan helped me design a “free physical book + shipping & handling” give-away strategy that led directly to a $97 “Animal Communication Introduction Course.” That’s the course I created during his Enlightening Experts Course-Creation School.

That strategy was so successful that the buzz about me and my work propelled Communication With All Life to the top of Amazon’s Pets & Animals best seller list!

Just what I wanted…


Ina Bachman

Ina Bachman – Newton, MA says…

I did it!!! I enrolled 15 students (with no list) and launched my brand new The Couple’s Money Matrix: 7 Steps to End Your Money Conflicts and Make Room for More Love.

I taught the first class and I felt Awesome!! Alan Davidson I couldn’t have done it without you and your Enlightening Expert Course-Creation School. It helped me get the whole thing started. Also our recent coaching call helped me really clarify what was stopping me from this launch.

I’ve been really focused on embracing, loving, working with my resistance. Once this is done I’m focusing on marketing and all the lovely resistance that comes up from there. I’m going to listen through the program modules again. I feel an incredible energy boost!!!


Jacqueline Kane

Jacqueline Kane – New Hartford, CT says…

Dear Alan Davidson, I am writing to say that I have taken my first golfer through my entire golf program. The results were fantastic and the he actually lowered his golf score, in spite of a number of difficulties on the course. I’m totally psyched!

It was 2 years ago that that idea for this course was downloaded into my imagination during your Enlightened Tapping Meditation session at Margaret Lynch’s Ignite live event!

Never did I expect it to go this far. Or that I could ever have something to sell on line. Then I took your Enlightening Expert Course-Creation School: How to Design, Create, and Sell, My Own Online Signature Program.”

So I thank you today Alan, for your session and your training. And for opening me up to my Soul Purpose. I am celebrating all this goodness!


Praise For Embodying Your Soul Purpose

Sheryl Scipione

Sheryl Scipione

Sheryl Scipione – Needham, MA says…

For years, I’ve been closed off. I don’t hate, I’m not depressed, I have been just existing in life doing the usual day to day stuff w not much love and excitement. A little piece if my heart melted today. This morning I woke from a dream of my children being very young riding their big wheels in the driveway. As I watched them I felt so much love for them. I awoke feeling excited and my heart was exploding with love.

I told my son, Ben, of my dream. He laughed and told me I was crazy. Anyway, something shifted. Ben and I are really getting along. He signed up for accounting classes and we are actually doing bookkeeping together!

I’ve also noticed that people want to touch me! Friends are hugging me now, strangers are touching my hands and shoulders. One woman in the line at CVS started talking and laughing with me, she even leaned over and nudged her shoulder into mine as she made a joke and we both laughed. Thank you Alan Davidson

UPDATE: Since the Soul Healing & Clearing I’ve been laser-focused on my health. The tumor at my collar bone shrank away; my Cancer Markers are undetectable; my blood pressure is down, my cholesterol is down, and I’ve lost weight.  Freaking amazing.



Denise Simpson

Denise Simpson – Derry, NH – founder/owner of Awesome Life Coaching

I wake up happy and excited. I smile, laugh, hug, and am warm. I graciously allow and receive gifts, offers, opportunities, and assistance in ways I never have before. My soul sings in joy for being alive after a night of despair in 2012. I am forever grateful for Alan Davidson and his wisdom

During the Soul Purpose Program I have slept better, stopped overeating and out-of-control food cravings, received unexpected refunds from taxes $6,100, experienced winning raffles at networking events week after week for hundreds of $$$ worth of products and services, and have coaching opportunities to increase my business blossoming.

Jacquiline Kane

Jacquiline Kane

Jacqueline Kane – New Hartford, CT – founder of The Bowen Healing Center

Before this program you could call me Scarlet O’Hara. Ms drama queen. As much as I thought I was the positive one. And I didn’t realize how much drama I was creating. I didn’t feel I was worthy to be heard or seen.

My biggest breakthrough is how my family has healed on this journey. There has been a huge ancestral clearing that I never expected to happen. My sister is now being heard by mother, and getting her needs met. My mother is different with me in a way that she hears me.

I am now able to ask for money from the universe and can sit back and watch it show up… how I can manifest more fun in my family and business. The really cool thing is that it happens with such little effort now. It’s amazing!



Praise For Enlightening Tapping Meditation


Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Santa Barbara, CA – Best Selling Author – Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential

“I’ve been teaching the importance of Homo Co-creator for over twenty years. But until Enlightened Tapping I never experienced  Homo Co-Creator from the INSIDE out. I believe we need massive Enlightened Tapping to create the species wide evolution to save our planet and our race.”





Laura Silva Quesada

Laura Silva Quesada – Loredo, TX – CEO of Silva International

Hi I’m Laura Silva Quesada, president of Silva International and I have to say that I just spent the most wonderful and amazing weekend with Alan Davidson in his Enlightened Tapping Experience.

We went through so many different processes that really allowed me to get rid of old clutter that I still had lingering deep inside and, trust me, I have done a lot of work on myself, my spirit, mind, emotions, my body. And even then I was able to rid myself of a lot of junk that was just holding me back from going to the next level and then the next level and as we went through one process after the other.

As we tapped our way through I felt freer and lighter and I felt so much more present and conscious that I really think it is something everybody needs to go through.

It’s one of those weekend seminars that really will make a difference in your life and not only your internal experience but your external experience, because I always tell people, teaching the Silva Method that you internal experience will really be reflected by your external experience, so we need to clean it up and get it healthy and move forward.

Enlightened Tapping Experience is going to be something that I recommend side by side with the Silva Method.

I hope you follow up and enjoy it as well!



Margaret Lynch

Margaret Lynch – Attleboro, MA – founder MargaretMLynch.com and Best Selling Author of Tapping Into Wealth

There is a part of you when you experience Enlightened Tapping that is observing and going “Oh my God this is incredible, what’s happening right now is so cool.”

Before I saw meditation as something that was separate from what I would do day to day. I would carve out time, I would go and try to meditate, and it can be difficult to. It can take even years to get to the space where you truly feel as though you are meditating, or you are quieting your mind, and you are actually able to achieve and enlightened state, which is of course the panacea of meditation.

That didn’t really shift for me until I experienced Enlightened Tapping, because I had had very limited success. Maybe I really didn’t have the patience in meditating on my own.  So when I first experienced Enlightened Tapping with Alan what I immediately noticed was how powerfully different I felt in that chair in that space, in that moment.  As Alan walked through the process I sensed these voices within myself come forward so strong, so clear, with so much to say.

The awareness and presence with the shifting I felt internally when we went from one enlightened voice to the next … a very palpable sense of going from one space of energy, one feeling of expansion to a very different and unique feeling, almost like putting on clothing of a different fabric, it was that palpable … feeling of a different  space, a different voice, a different type of enlightenment and hearing what was coming into my mind and into what I was actually saying in response to the questions.



Lori Leyden

Lori Leyden – Santa Barbara, CA – founder of Create Global Healing and The Grace Process

I work in Rwanda with orphaned genocide survivors and I created a program called ‘Project Light’ which is the World’s first international youth healing, leadership and entrepreneurship program.  I also work in Sandy Hook, Connecticut  with the survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

I experienced a big breakthrough with Enlightened Tapping. Moments before I was going to go onstage and raise money for my charities (and this is normally somewhat of a scary and constricting thing for me). The resonance of the Enlightened Tapping and the invitation of the words, allowed me to move into the space of expansion where I experienced my infinite self. It was a sense of permission that I could go there consciously and not just in a state of meditation or in a state of being in nature, which is being in gratitude love joy and wonder.  There was an invitation to again experience myself in ways I had come here to experience.

I think the calling out of those different parts of me and being able to step into them in an instant and embody them, and again feel it consciously in my body, in my heart and in my mind was very surprising.

Afterwards I had so much fun telling my story on stage, telling my big why and in less than twenty minutes we had raised $34,000!

I don’t even need the recording of that session with Alan.  I can simply touch into that memory and the resonant field that we created and into that deeper knowing. I feel like I have the body wisdom now because it is living in my cells and I can simply recall that experience and that sense of infinite-self returns to me.



Cliff Dunstan

Cliff Dunstan – Saratoga Springs, Utah founder of The Meridian Academy

Enlightened Tapping with Alan, it has been probably one of the very best experiences of my entire life.  I spent years in the military, being brainwashed, and this has freed me up from a lot of thing that have held me back in my own personal life for years. From childhood abuse… just from a lot of things that I have held me back.

I would say that this program is fantastic.  Alan is a therapist’s therapist and what he is doing is of a great service to so many people.



Joe Hirsch

Joe Hirsch MA, Licensed Professional Counselor – Houston, TX

“Enlightened Tapping is an instant mystical experience at your fingertips.

My experience of Enlightened Tapping is that Alan has created a seminal process to move through the obstacles and resistances that stop a person from realizing the full potential of living their life in each moment from their highest self. Alan has combined Tapping with a facilitated active imagination process from Carl Jung’s work and the wisdom of the masters whom Alan has explored for decades and the result is beyond the beyond, it is breath taking. It is ineffable beyond words, it is a deliciously exquisite technique to readily provide a person access to mystical experience at their fingertips.”



Joan Ranquet

Joan Ranquet – Seattle, WA – Animal Communicator, Best Selling Author of Communication With All Life

I think one on the most amazing things about Enlightened Tapping is the culmination and the experience. I am someone that has done EFT/Tapping for about 10 years and I tap on people and animals.  But also I have been meditating for way too long to say. I’ve also been a seeker of wisdom, so to speak for equally as long; which is a really long time!

A lot of things can feel like theory and one of the things that I really enjoy about Enlightened Tapping is that it takes enlightenment into the experiential category. And there are not a lot of places that you can get that.  Combined with the tapping, it really grounds the enlightening experience and makes it integrated.



Kai Rose

Kai Rose – Clinton, MA – Warrior for Wellness-live Fabulously!!!

I am rather new to tapping, but I feel like Enlightened Tapping is a divine experience that I was able to partake in today. With all my previous spiritual evolvement work that I have done, this has helped to bring me to places that I have never been before. Places that are the calmest that I have ever been and that I can continue to re-visit forever.

I now feel that I can walk forward with all my abilities that are in my mind that I have always thought of but have (been) holding back energy (from).  We have gone to places today and we have harmonized all of the voices within ourselves to come out stronger and come out bolder, and come out at a closer knowingness of the God-self.



Stefan Gonik

Stefan Gonik – Westhampton, MA – Expert EFT Practitioner, Trainer & Soulmate Attraction Mentor @ EFT-Alive.com

I have been an EFT practitioner myself for over 12 years and a healer for 20 plus years and I attended this Enlightened Tapping workshop with Alan today and before I even get into what we did I just wanted to say a little bit about Alan.  Alan has this really incredible warmth and acceptance and supportiveness and great humor, and his presence in leading this workshop was a huge part of it, beyond what we did specifically.  And the way he worked with each person to, no matter what happened for each person, the way he was able to hold this wonderful space for what came up for each person so they could get to this new place was a beautiful experience in itself.

The Enlightened Tapping workshop itself was really amazing.  I have done workshops that were just spiritual.  I’ve done worshops that were just EFT based.  This was the first time I have done a workshop than combined EFT with these different spiritual practices and the tapping really facilitated this graceful movement from one different practice to the other. Which was basically getting in touch with all these different parts which included our lower self parts like ‘The Controller’ and ‘The Protector’ and ‘The Judger’ and all these other much higher self parts like the ‘No Self’, the ‘Divine Mother’, and the ‘ Divine Father’.

It’s a little hard to talk as I’m in this ‘floaty’ state. But the end result of it all, besides being in this wonderful , peaceful, expansive place was this feeling of being able to  more fully accept and appreciate all the different parts. And feeling the greater ease moving back and forth in amongst them.  And integrating them. It all feels easier. And I loved it, it was just really wonderful, wonderful experience.


Dardan Oxley

Dardan Oxley

Dardan Oxley – Houston, TX

Enlightened Tapping Meditation leads us through ever-deeper shifts in our brain-wave states, which allows us each to freely make a choice to release the old, negative emotions and their accompanying limiting beliefs, or not. What was once an entrenched feeling holding a limiting belief in place is transformed into knowing a new truth for myself.



Angela Bautista

Angela Bautista

Angela Bautista – Houston, TX

The practice of Enlightened Tapping Meditation, of invoking the non-dual and archetypal energies has been the most powerful for me. With presence of mind, my perspective shifts, and I have been able to focus and persevere through seemingly overwhelming situations. The best way I can describe my experience is that it seems like I have a kaleidoscopic mind and can invoke specific energy as needed for particular situations.



Praise For Body Brilliance:
Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences


Byron Katie

Byron Katie

Byron Katie – Calabasas, CA – author of Loving What Is

Alan Davidson is a gift to the universe.





Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson – Los Angeles, CA – author of A Return to Love

Body Brilliance is a most beautiful book about the body.





Richard Strozzi Heckler

Richard Strozzi Heckler

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D. – Petaluma, CA – author of The Anatomy of Change and In Search of the Warrior Spirit

“This book chronicles one man’s journey and transformation into the brilliance of embodied consciousness. It’s a story of courage, passion, discipline, and joy; as well as being pragmatic, insightful, and educational. It’s a beautiful book!!”




Mel White

Mel White

Mel White, Lynchburg, VA – co-founder of Soulforce.org and author of Stranger at the Gate

“My little evangelical heart beat fast when I began to read Alan Davidson’s Body Brilliance. Thanks to St. Paul, Augustine, and my grandmother, Noni, I learned at an early age that my body “was the enemy” and that I “should wage war against it.” Then along comes Alan with another gospel altogether. What good news it is to learn again that our body is not just our friend but a powerful ally on our journey to spiritual wholeness. What an amazing book.”



Todd Michaels MD

Todd Michaels MD

Todd Michaels, M.D. – Boulder, CO – Author of The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle and The Evolution Angel

“Knowledge is power, to be sure, and Alan Davidson’s superb new book, Body Brilliance demonstrates that knowledge may also be beauty–in the form of health, harmony, and multidimensional enlightenment. This book stands out from the crowded field of holistic and integrative books in that the author obviously possesses and is able to communicate, a depth of spirit and brilliance of intellect far eclipsing the average health care expert. With stunning photographs by the talented Victoria Davis, Davidson’s exquisitely crafted style conveys a host of startling and wholly original revelations on the care and maintenance of the human body, mind, and spirit.”


Janet Attwood

Janet Attwood

Janet Attwood – San Anselmo, CA – author of The Passion Test

Alan Davidson has written the most beautiful book in the universe…




Chungliang Al Huang

Chungliang Al Huang

Chungliang Al Huang – Gold Beach, OR – founder-director, Living Tao Foundation Author of EmbraceTiger, Return To Mountain

“This book is a very personal homage to the miracle of the Human Body, and its God-given gifts to all of us. Learn how to Celebrate and Sing our ‘Body Electric’, and Dance with Spirit. Let the Five Moving Forces of CHI shine through us, Being Fully Alive!”




Krandall Kraus

Krandall Kraus

Krandall Kraus – San Francisco, CA – Lambda Literary Award winning author of Bardo, and It’s Never About What It’s About: What We Learned About Living While Waiting To Die.

“I LOVE this book and you will too. Body Brilliance is one of the most enlightened—and enlightening—books I have ever had the privilege to read. It reads like a memoir and is absolutely compelling, not to mention unique and practical; like a combination of Ram Dass and Christopher Isherwood.”


Robert K Hall

Robert K Hall

Robert K. Hall, M.D – Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Author of Out of Nowhere, co-founder of Lomi School

“Body Brilliance is a brilliant display of wisdom and beauty. It not only shares profound truths about the living body that everybody can use, but shows us, via Alan Davidson’s personal journey, how real wisdom is born through honest seeking and perseverance. This is a lovely book. I hope its light shines everywhere.”



Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark

Dawn E. ClarkAuthor of Gifts for the Soul

“Body Brilliance seamlessly integrates diverse modalities into practical solutions that everyone can apply to changes in their life.”




John Collins

John Collins

John Collins – Sisters, OR

“Wow! Body Brilliance is very well written and very honest. To that I would add passionate. It is truly an enjoyable book to read and I love all the autobiographical material. It certainly elevates the book from a treatise on the body to something filled with heart and soul. Great job!”



Ann Lasater

Ann Lasater

Ann Lasater – Parthenon, AR 

“I totally devoured Body Brilliance….skipping around some….but before I knew it I had read it all.”





Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark – Houston, TX

Alan shares his story and reworked ancient wisdom in a modern, witty, and accessible style.”