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Four Natural & Healthy Sweeteners

  • Coconut Sugar – from the blossom sap of coconut trees; lower fructose than table sugar; caramel hint to the taste (no coconut flavor at all). High in zinc, potassium, vitamin B, and iron.



  • Stevia – a little goes a long way; too much of this concentrate of the South American plant leaves a bitter, licorice after taste. Perfect sweetener with no calories, no carbs, and no increase in blood insulin.


  • ~~~~~
  • Maple Syrup – pure, straight from the trees syrup has 54+ antioxidant compounds for healing. Known as a preventive to diabetes and cancer.



  • Raw Honey – Again a little goes a long way; stronger than regular honeys. Make sure it says raw (heated no higher than 116 degrees). Full of antioxidants that kill colds, sooths sore throats, heal lung infections.Extra Tip: use local raw honey neatly on the skin for cuts, burns, abrasions, and infections for amazing results.
Alan Davidson

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