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Jacqueline Kane: Healing Ancestral Karma

Healing Ancestral Karma for a Joyful, Pain Free Life w
Jacqueline Kane & Alan Davidson

Evolutionary Mystic Masters
Interview Series w Alan Davidson

Listen In as Jacque shares with you…

  1. How your Ancestral Karma is affecting your health
  2. How Ancestral Karma creates limiting beliefs
  3. How Ancestral Karma can be cleared and healed

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Your Guided Soul Activation Meditation

Soul Activation and Clearing Meditation

Contact Jacque for your $100 discount on an Ancestral Karma Healing session:

(860) 307-0232

If this Mystic Masters Interview with Jacque was helpful, please leave us a comment below. How is Ancestral Karma holding you back? Who would healing your Ancestral Karma free you to BE?
Alan Davidson

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