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Evolutionary Mystic Masters: Feel Better Fast w EFT Tapping ~ Jondi Whitis Interview


Listen in as Jondi shares…

1] What is EFT Tapping?

2] EFT Tapping for “Feeling Better Faster.”

3] The difference between feeling better and making real change in your life

4] The importance in real training to sense the power and promise of EFT Tapping

5] Houston Taps November 1-3, 2019

Click here for more info on Houston Taps w Jondi

About Jondi;

Master Trainer of Trainers Jondi Whitis enthusiastically delivers her experience and joyful use of practical mastery with EFT.

Jondi is an Accredited Certified Master Trainer & Trainer of Trainers through EFTi (EFT International). She is also a sits on the Training Board for EFTi.

Jondi is the creator of the annual Spring Energy Event in New Jersey.

Jondi is the founder of The EFT Training for Mastery Program, which is accredited and certified internationally through AAMET International, the original EFT association.

Jondi is dedicated to taking EFT/Tapping to the highest level of unified, accredited standards of trainer certification and student oversight. AAMET is the only true non-profit, and a legally registered charity association, engaged in professional instruction of health and wellness care workers.

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