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Evolutionary Mystic Meditation: The Miracle of Facilitation


I am so excited, our 2021 Evolutionary Mystic Facilitator Training starts this December (there’s still time to join if it’s the next step in your soul’s evolution).

This year’s training is divided into four quarters:

Phase 1: December 2020 thru February 2021

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation~ updated training for the streamlined,

simple, elegant facilitator process.

Emphasis on Embodying your Centered Self (essential for doing ANY deep healing work with-out backlash).

Deeper dive into Facilitating the Resistance to experiencing the authentic, True Self (The Witness, Infinite Stillness, Battle Goddess of Compassion; & Divine Mother).

The Art & Science of Facilitation:

1] Five Vital IQs of Being,
2] Five Spiritual States of Being,
3] The Mystic’s Evolutionary Journey (Five Stages of Being),
4] Seven Essential Archetypes of Being,
5] Alchemy of Being (As above, so below. As within, so without).

Phase 2: March thru May 2021

Embodying your Badass Mystic.

Emphasis on centering & presencing deep emotions, energy, & pain

Deeper dive into Facilitating the voices of Resistance (Your Team Safety in ‘the Basement of the Boarding House’).

Phase 3: June thru August 2021

Introduction: Realizing Your Soul Purpose

Introduction: Realizing Your Soul Destiny

Facilitating the Voices of Resistance that are addicted to…

1] Scarcity & Poverty that block your Divine Wealth;

2] Loneliness & Isolation that block your Divine Love & Intimacy;

3] Illness & Physical Pain that block your Divine Health;

4] Self Doubt & Insecurity that block your Divine Self Expression

Phase 4: September thru November 2021

Facilitating the Seven Essential Archetypes of Being

1] The Innocent
2] The Orphan (The Victim/Martyr)
3] The Seeker (Wanderer)
4] The Lover
5] The Warrior
6] The Magus
7] The Sovereign
8] The Sacred Fool

As you can see, the structure of the Facilitator training has changed quite a bit. With a simpler and streamlined process of facilitation, we can go deeper, faster…so long as The Centered Self can handle the release of emotion, pain, and energy.

The Facilitator Training Structure:

Four two-day Retreats; either virtual or live in Houston; totally up to you.

24 two hr. sessions~ 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of the month. Calls are 4 to 6 PM ET.


Four 90 minute private sessions w moi’

The Badass Mystic Tribe monthly membership.

If you would like to apply for this year’s 2021 Facilitator Training, please email us at:

Thank you,

Alan Davidson, midwife of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation

Alan Davidson

One Comment

  • Estelle Donoghue-Harder says:

    morning loved the tiger story yes been bit of a goat silly billy at times only Alan found this i did inner child work years ago worked with Rick for weeks then discovered mother earth walked around in love peace calm floating out into work every day it was love joy all in one .then onto more meditation loved the peaceful harmony bought me . Because i was already felt a teacher this is what did managing Lifeline stores helping others, Training in life another came into my life at Group had healing and looking back feels like gone backwards or treading water i am not one to drown in tears did that over years of grief with family. I HAVE JUST START ON NEW WALKING PLUS SWIMMING TO CLEAR ANY OTHER PROBLEMS ALSO NEED TO CLEAR IN FORREST FEELS LIKE WENT BUSH AND STUCK IN DOWN A TREE DOES THAT MAKE SENSE DONT RECALL MUH AFTER THAT FOR QUIET A WHILE AGAIN TRUELY LOVE YOUR WAY IS HOW I WAS AND STRENGTH IS MY CHARACTOR ALONG WITH COURAGE THAT SEEMS TO HAVE GONE HIDDEN AWAY .MOTHER COURAGE .AN DDIVINE PASSION I AM .THANK YOU FOR STORY XX

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