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Evolutionary Mystic Meditation: Surrender – The Second Stage of Enlightenment

Surrender & Submit is the 2nd Stage of the Five Stage of Enlightenment.*

Today let’s focus on Surrender…

Stage Two in The Enlightenment journey is how you develop your “Centered Self.”

One the one hand, Surrender is how you accept, honor, love, and celebrate everything that happens to you…moment by moment.

On the other hand, Surrender is developing the skills to presence the pain, emotions, frozen energies, personas, and identities that are trapped in your body…and keep you stuck in your head and 3-D reality.

Surrender is continually returning to your Center; a bit lighter and stronger each time. Surrender ALL that blocks you from shining your Mystical Child AND your Evolutionary Mystic.

The Beatles sang, “Let It Be.” Stephen Mitchell writes the 5,000 history of yoga can be distilled in to TWO words…”Let Go.” Ram Dass invites you to, “Be Here Now.” Eckhart Tolle explains the “The Power of Now.” Byron Katie advises you to “Love What Is.” Michael Singer shares his “Surrender Experiment.”

Every great mystic teacher invokes one essential path to The Divine, to enlightenment and freedom from the bondage of the Self. That simple, though rarely easy, path is to Surrender and Let Go. Surrender…who you believe yourself to be. Let Go of all your attachments, preferences, and demands of life. The toxic emotions, pain, and energy of the past…Let them ALL Go. The pleasures and pains of this precious moment…don’t seek them; don’t grasp them; and don’t avoid them…simply Surrender and Let Go; let them pass through you undisturbed. 

This 2nd Enlightening Stage is also how your spiritual studies, rituals, teachers, and practices can lead you to experiences of kensho, satori, or nirvana. These are temporary glimpses into your true nature. Like the shutter on a camera lens opens…and then closes.

Surrender is the letting go of everything with-in you that is not Divine Truth. All emotions stuffed in the body, negative thoughts, and beliefs, destructive choices; and energetic blocks.

Big Al’s Surrender Ritual~

Here’s a secret to Surrender and Letting Go.

  • Notice when you are hijacked by your Story vs. “Whole-Body, Whole-Being Presence”
  • Skillfully Center your Self…Sense & Center your Body; Center in your Infinite Heart; Center in your Eternally-Still Mind; and Center in your Blissful Soul.
  • Breathe with & breathe through these old energies.
  • Let go completely and thoroughly of all Energy, Pain or Emotions
  • that arise…ready for release.
  • If the release takes more than a couple of minutes; notice if you are back in your head; back in your story.
  • Or if the intensity feels “too much,” shift back into your Centered Self, and back off. The pain will be there when you are a bit stronger and ready to presence all that you can surrender.
  • Bonus Release: When you notice blame or judgement…ask yourself “What emotion am I resisting right now? What emotion is driving this blame and judgement?” and keep Sensing, Centering, and Surrendering.

Surrender…and meet every moment as your Evolutionary Mystic; your most Radiant, most Enlightened, most Embodied Self. Simple…yes and not always easy. That’s why we call it practice…over and over again.


*The Five Stages of Enlightenment: 1] The Taste, 2] Surrender, 3] Great Liberation, 4] Fall From Grace, 5] Ordinary Mind.

*An Evolutionary Mystic is an ordinary person just like you who can, at will, access the infinite, eternal, and blissful States of Being. Then skillfully tap those Mystical States to heal yourself, your Family, and your World…so that together we can all Midwife the next stages of Human Evolution.

Alan Davidson

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