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Evolutionary Mystic Meditation: Daily Meditation, Rituals, & Cutting Through Chaos

by Alan Davidson ©

“Never Forget: This very moment, we can change our lives.
There never was a moment, and never will be,
when we are without the power to alter our destiny.”~

Steven Pressfield,
author of The War of Art


Hello Dahlink!

[Dahlink, that’s drag-speak for darlin’]

Back in wild days, my mad existence… my persona, Appassionnetta von Klymaxx, was way fiercer than my ordinary, scared-of-my-own-shadow, Personal Self.  She was courageous, never in doubt, and could say and do things I was terrified to imagine, much less do.

Amazing what some cat eye glasses and an attitude change can do for a girl’s confidence.

Alas in those days Appassionnetta had a razor sharp tongue. And she wasn’t always kind. She certainly did help me survive…and to thrive in her own way.

Until that part of me, a wiser, Mystic-Self; that was slumbering deep inside of me began to wake up; a mystic that was destined to claim his own unique Rainbow Radiance in the world.

So, what is the secret to THIS “moment of destiny” that can alter your life that Steven Pressfield talks about?

They are moments of clarity, choice, and action…they are the moments that cut through the noise of ordinary 3-D Reality, The Matrix, or the Muggle World. They are available in every moment…when you can penetrate through the resistance and into the truth of things.

Dahlink, let me tell you a story…

The afternoon I got my first HIV-Negative diagnosis was a grueling hot Texas day.

When we knew that HIV/AIDS was caused by a virus, I assumed that I would die a painful, lonely death. As an IV drug user, I had shared syringes with men who had already died of AIDS. I just assumed I would join them…and shortly.

Going to AA and getting clean and sober I had to decide if I was making short-term plans for my life; or if I could make long-term plans for my life. So I went to take my first test.

Miraculously, I was…and still am HIV-Negative. That was the Fall of 1987.

I left the Montrose AIDS clinic that day vowing to get-my-act-together and use my gifts, talents, and genius to help my terrified and suffering “people.”

Daily Meditation Ritual

The Power of Daily Meditation & Movement Rituals~

Without my regular rituals, I might have missed a Moment of Destiny; the signal that a path to use my gifts, talents, and genius was at hand.


For me…

a ritual is a repeated set of intentional,
carefully chosen actions that invoke a specific result.

Mystics, shamans, saints, and sages the world over have used daily and regular rituals to effect changes in consciousness.

I’ve been meditating and “dancing the Tao” with my Tai Chi since 1983. Getting clean and sober put those two sacred rituals on steroids.

Gradually, with my daily meditation and movement rituals, I was able to cut through the chaos of my own Personal Self and my own inner-resistance; cut through most of the murk of my fears, self-doubt, and self-loathing (anyone who puts a needle in their arm to get high has a ton of self-hatred).

I was able to cut through the chaos of the noisy, 3-D Reality around me and touch the stillness already, always within my Mystic Mind.

Only then, I believe, could the voice of Destiny speak to and through me…

I was standing at the Information Desk at Houston’s own WholeFoods (John Mackey’s parents lived close to my bohemian neighborhood in Montrose. He opened the 3rd WholeFoods ever in Houston so his parents could get whole, healthy foods).

As I stood there rather impatiently, I noticed a brochure for a local massage school. Out of mild curiosity and to pass the time, I picked up the brochure. As I read about a career “helping people heal,” a voice…deep from within me said, “You can do this.”

Now, I’ve been intuitive and fascinated by the psychic realms all my life. But until that Fall Day in 1987, I had never heard the Voice of Wisdom come so clearly, deeply, and confidently from within my own Being.

I had my moment of clarity. And I knew enough to trust “the voice.”

But did I have the instinct to follow through? Did I have the strength to make a choice and take an action to fulfill that destiny?

A few months later I found myself enrolled at The Winters School of Massage.

I am convinced that my daily meditation and movement rituals, amplified by sobriety, allowed The Voice of Destiny, of inner-wisdom and knowing, to come so vividly through me.

And it was the AA daily rituals of realizing “something greater than myself” was at play in my life.

Your Take-Away?

1] A ritual is a repeated set of intentional, carefully chosen actions that invoke a specific result.

2] Daily meditation and movement rituals can and will help you cut through the chaos of your Personal Self and inner-resistance.

3] Regular rituals can and will help you cut through the chaos of the noisy 3-D World. And help you find the stillness that is already, always within you.

So, Dahlink!

What are the daily meditation and movement rituals that YOU use to tap your Mystic Self; to cut through the chaos in your world?

What regular rituals do you use to embody your own gifts, talent, and genius?

Invitation to Go Deeper~

The fastest and easiest rituals I have found for accessing the Infinite, Eternal, and Blissful states of being is my Evolutionary Mystic Meditation.

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