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Four Natural & Healthy Sweeteners

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  • Coconut Sugar – from the blossom sap of coconut trees; lower fructose than table sugar; caramel hint to the taste (no coconut flavor at all). High in zinc, potassium, vitamin B, and iron.



  • Stevia – a little goes a long way; too much of this concentrate of the South American plant leaves a bitter, licorice after taste. Perfect sweetener with no calories, no carbs, and no increase in blood insulin.


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  • Maple Syrup – pure, straight from the trees syrup has 54+ antioxidant compounds for healing. Known as a preventive to diabetes and cancer.



  • Raw Honey – Again a little goes a long way; stronger than regular honeys. Make sure it says raw (heated no higher than 116 degrees). Full of antioxidants that kill colds, sooths sore throats, heal lung infections.Extra Tip: use local raw honey neatly on the skin for cuts, burns, abrasions, and infections for amazing results.

Quick Tip: 5 Tips for Fast Cold Recovery

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Get thee to a sauna! Great for sweating out a cold…

Having a cold can be a real pain. A stuffy nose, sore throat, watery eyes, and lack of energy can make it hard for you to go about with your busy life when you are sick. Although there is no quick fix to get rid of the common cold instantly there are things that you can do to speed up the healing process. Here are five tips to recovery quickly from a cold.

1. Let your body heal. The best thing you can do when you have a cold is get lots of rest. It can be hard to make yourself take it easy, especially around the busy holiday season but your body will heal much faster if you do. Aim for about 8-9 hours of sleep and try to get a lot of down time as well.

2. Drink lots of fluids. Flushing your body out is a great way to get rid of a cold. Drink lots of water, herbal tea, and hot water with lemon in it. Your body will flush out the toxins and the sickness quicker. Make sure to avoid sugary drinks like juice or pop because this can actually hinder the healing process.

3. Get thee to a sauna! I love a HOT sweat when I am feeling sickly. I rotate between the dry sauna, the steam sauna, and the whirlpool…getting as hot as I possibly can. Then a quick cool shower and back to the saunas. Afterwards I take a long nap; often hours long (see #1). With the deep sweat and rest I usually wake up feeling much better.

4. Eat properly. It is important to eat lots of nutritious food when you are sick. Homemade vegetable soups with low sodium are great for you and they are also easy to prepare. Try to stick to a very simple and easy to digest diet such as smoothies, green drinks, soups, yogurt, and steamed vegetables.

5. Lots of Vitamin C. Vitamin C taken in high doses will no doubt have you feeling better in no time. The best way to quickly combat a cold is to boost your immune system so that your body can fight the infection. Powdered vitamin C is available at health stores and is very easy to add to juices or smoothies.

Although having a cold is annoying, it’s not the end of the world. With a little patience, some rest and healthy eating habits you will start feeling better in no time.

Quick Tip: Jolt Your Fitness Routine

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Don’t let your workout get boring – Jolt Your Fitness Routine by changing things up! You will love the results.

Lift half the weight that you usually do but double the number of reps. Instead of doing the usual 12 – 15 reps try doing 30 or more reps at the lower weight to shock the system and get you ripped!

Or instead of doing your usual reps, stop in the middle of the first one and hold it as long as you can. If you are doing a bench press, push the weight off your chest hold it halfway up. Hold a bicep curl halfway down or hold a squat in the mid position.

It’s tougher than you think and you will feel the burn!

5 Simple Ways to Respond to Negative People

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The next time a negative person comes your way, be grateful. No matter how mean, dark-spirited, cynical, angry, doom and gloom, or negative they may be, they are here to teach us how to love, honor and respect who we are and what we have to offer the world.

1. What does this person need?
Is there a chance that a positive input is being sought? If the answer is yes, then share something to lift the mood. If the answer is no, keep the interaction brief and walk away.

2. Are they acting as a mirror?
The answer is yes if we are being sucked in. When there is a pull, there is a resonance. Someone or something “out there” shows us where we are resisting the flow of life.
When this is the case, we can breathe in deeply and accept what is.

3. This too will pass.
While we can offer compassion and point to other alternatives, we are not responsible. Suffering is a choice. When we maintain our state, we are part of the solution rather than adding to the illusion. In this way, we create space for an opening of awareness to happen, which is more than enough.

4. Avoidance is O.K.
We can protect and safeguard the sanctity of our internal state by making sure we are with people who nurture us. On other occasions, when we have no alternative as a consequence of work or family obligations, we can remain upbeat and keep turning every negative comment into a positive. Do it for long enough and it works wonders. If the other person cannot get you on his or her negative side, they will eventually give up.

5. Love really is the answer.
Everything always comes down to love. If we love and respect ourselves, we do not give ourselves away so cheaply. We do not come down from our state. We do not concede who we are for the sake of someone’s need to off-load. We can listen with love. We only get dumped on when we allow ourselves to become part of the drama.

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