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Margaret Lynch: Get Your Sexy Back

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How your Second Chakra is the intersection of Power, Sex, & Money. This interview with master change artist Margaret Lynch also includes an EFT/Tapping session for removing negative blocks in your 2nd Chakra.


Margaret draws on her rich, eclectic experiential and educational background.She has 18+ years in management and executive sales positions in top fortune 500 companies.She recently joined the advisory board for Aspire Magazine as Sales Director. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, and acquired multiple certifications in Hypnosis (CH, 5-PATH) and the Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT-Cert1).

She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the American Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (AACEP), and Business Networking International (BNI).

Margaret is a Success Coach and widely considered a TOP Expert in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®)/Tapping.

She teaches clients how to tap into their inner brilliance to achieve higher levels of creativity and inspiration, and to find higher purpose in life.

She is the creator of the “Secret of Intentional Wealth” training program as well as the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation training.

Margaret’s specialty is getting to the core issues of what blocks our success – the limiting beliefs and old programming that hold us back in our careers, our businesses and our finances.

She teaches how to use Tapping to break through limiting & negative beliefs to create higher levels of wealth, health and passion in your life.

Margaret has been a featured expert in the annual “Tapping/Tapping World Summit” internet event attended by over 100,000 people. She is the owner of New England Success Coaching and serves as a consulting teacher at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and career professionals seek Margaret’s expert guidance to enhance confidence, entrepreneurial vision, action and execution, sales expertise, financial empowerment and public speaking.

Margaret offers individual coaching as well as workshops in:

• Secret of Intentional Wealth for Entrepreneurs
• Law of Attraction in business
• Sales Force Motivation
• Persuasion and Influence
• Sales and Marketing for the Self Employed
• Stress Management for Employees

Meditation: Soul’s Freedom & Bellow’s Breath

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by Alan aAvidson

Meditation Talk: Your Soul’s Freedom + Meditation: Bellow’s Breath and Presence

I lead a weekly meditation at OutSmart Magazine. My bud Greg Jeu invites all his employees and anyone else who wanders in to sit with us.
Greg and I have sat in this meditation circle for sixteen plus years now. Our little group gives
me the chance to riff on my latest insights and research in the spiritual life.
Last week I gave a “festive” talk on Your Soul’s Freedom. Followed by a Bellows Breath exercise and Presence meditation.
The Bellows Breath is an excellent way to shift your energy and your mindset really fast. It really kicks up the chi…and relaxes the mind.
I thought you might enjoy listening in so here it is…
Let me know what you think, how you feel, what you shift. Please leave me a comment below…

Lori Leyden: Project Light Rwanda

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documentary film kickstarter program

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Lori Leyden - founder of Project Light RwandaLori Leyden, PhD, MBA – Inspired by her life-changing experience working with widow and orphan head of households in Rwanda in the fall of 2007, Lori and her organization are committed to raising consciousness for personal and global healing. She is a former psychotherapist, public speaker, workshop leader, and now facilitator of The Grace Process, a spiritual practice for joyful living. With over 30 years experience in the fields of psychotherapy, business and spiritual growth, Lori holds a PhD in Health & Human Services and an MBA in Management. As a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association, she was the first Spirituality Columnist for the Association’s professional journal, Annals. She is the author of The Grace Process Guidebook: A practical guide for transcending your ego and engaging the wisdom of your heart to harness grace and receive the healing you yearn for and The Stress Management Handbook: Strategies for Health and Inner Peace available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Korean.

“Project LIGHT gives birth to a much-needed model of humanitarian aid that addresses basic survival needs, emotional healing, and economic self-sustainability. By developing heart-centered healing and leadership programs for traumatized youth, students, and humanitarians, we seek to shine LIGHT on one of the greatest human gifts that can unite us all—the power and resilience of the human spirit.”


They were young children in 1994 when Rwanda experienced the genocide that left 800,000 of them orphaned. In the wake of the violence, Rwanda’s social structure collapsed, severely affecting schools, health care, and the economy. Meeting the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and education overshadowed the daunting task of healing the orphaned children’s traumatic memories, injuries, illnesses, and fears. UNICEF estimates that 96% of the children witnessed the massacres, and many children who survived were mutilated and raped, resulting in an unprecedented level of trauma among children.

In 2007, Lori Leyden, Ph.D., traveled to Rwanda with her team to work with orphaned genocide survivors and orphaned heads of household (children caring for other children). After Lori worked with the kids using energy psychology techniques, their trauma outbreaks were reduced by 90%, a significant relief in a situation where 200+ teenagers share a one-room dormitory. Lori uses a “train the trainer” model. She has now worked with over 550 orphans and other genocide survivors, and those young people have trained hundreds of others.

In Lori’s work, trauma healing is the first priority. There were times, though, when she wondered if it would even be possible to heal the depths of the traumas, the intrusive memories, nightmares, and sense of hopelessness that have been the daily reality since 1994 of these young people. Looking back, what struck Lori and members of her team most clearly was the resiliency and human dignity they witnessed in the kids. Lori realized that if these kids, with all the horrors they had endured, were willing to try to forgive, then there truly was a potential within all human hearts for world peace.

“Now we have hope and we know this is not our burden alone to carry. Forgiveness is so hard but we are willing now because we know we need each other.” –Celestin,
Student Leader representing orphan genocide survivors.

In 2008, Lori and her team decided to include celebrations in their work. They started with birthdays. With all the kids in a big circle, Lori called out “January” and all the kids with birthdays in January were to enter the center of the circle to be sung to and celebrated. Nobody moved. “February,” called Lori . . . again, nobody moved. Month after month went by until finally at “September,” with the center still empty, Lori and the team realized that these kids literally did not know their birthdays. Having grown up with no loving families to mark their birthdays as important events to celebrate, “Happy Birthday” was not part of their reality.

Lori’s vision extends far beyond healing the trauma, as critical and foundational as that work is. The orphans, now ages 16 to 25, are graduating high school in a country still not fully on its feet, and they find themselves with a diploma but few options for employment. Hope is still scarce. Thus, economic sustainability comes next—the young people need to be able to earn a living. Lori’s model of “hand-up, not hand-out,” is evolving as the first 12 young people, called “Ambassadors,” have graduated her Project LIGHT program. Two Ambassadors are in college, and two have obtained driver’s licenses (hard to do in Rwanda), so will be employable in professions that require driving. And all the Ambassadors are learning entrepreneurship, having launched a soap-making business. The lush landscape of Rwanda provides ample ingredients for making soap, and all 12 Ambassadors are learning all aspects of the business.

“Before I did not believe I could be an entrepreneur. Now I can start businesses in order to help myself, my community, my country and our world.”
–Desire, Project LIGHT Ambassador

Lori is teaching the kids to become heart-centered leaders, with the ultimate goal of having the kids themselves take ownership of the project. Lori shares her vision:
“Imagine an international youth healing center where young people receive emotional healing and training, real opportunities for economic independence and the freedom to become heart-centered leaders. With advanced technology to have real-time interactions between these young people, students, donors and our visionary Resource Partners in the fields of education, healing arts, business and entrepreneurship.”

Ultimately, Lori’s vision includes Youth Healing Centers like this all over the world, easily linked with communications made possible by today’s technology.

Lori’s vision has captured the hearts of American children who want to help. Middle school students in Santa Barbara, California, raised money for essential humanitarian projects at the orphanage such as water storage tanks and electricity. And one young man recently gave his Bar Mitzvah gifts to Project LIGHT, a total of $6,450! Asked how Project LIGHT had inspired him, this 13-year-old related, “Genocide is one of the worst things that can happen to people. We should have already learned “never again” but it is still happening. What you are doing is helping to prevent it by helping people understand each other better and giving young people a chance to be leaders and make their way in the world. More people should know about this program because it will help a lot of people. It should be bigger than it is. That’s why we need people to donate…”

Lori believes we are all “connected through our hearts’ desires to love, to be loved, to live a meaningful life and to have a bright and peaceful future. When we honor our oneness and act as One Heart we can accomplish anything.”

The beautiful teaching of the Dhammapada, that each person carries the light of the world within themselves, is echoed by Yvette: “You taught us to love ourselves. These lessons helped me realize I can make a difference. Happiness is for everyone. We are ready to become the Light of the World.”
Lori calls them Ambassadors. As they go about their volunteer work of teaching what they’ve learned in Project LIGHT, their community now calls them “HOPEMAKERS.”
Learn more about Project LIGHT, Lori’s vision, and how you can help:

Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan: Radical Forgiveness Interview

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Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan speak to the power of radical forgiveness.

They weave together their understandings of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and Ho’ oponopono to share their insights on the power, and necessity of forgiveness.

Hosted by Alan Davidson.

Right Click to download the audio .mp3 file of this interview

Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan speak at the Unity Houston Course In Miracles study group on Monday February 7th, 2011.

Contact Sondra Ray & Mark Sullivan:

Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono® (SITH®)

Click here for more information on the Sandra & Mark’s Ho’ oponopono teachers:


Alan Davidson, Sondra Ray, & Mark Sullivan

Conscious Embodiment: George Leonard, Wendy Palmer and Alan Davidson Interview

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Conscious Embodiment with George Leonard, Wendy Palmer, and Alan Davidson



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