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Meditation: Soul’s Freedom & Bellow’s Breath

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by Alan aAvidson

Meditation Talk: Your Soul’s Freedom + Meditation: Bellow’s Breath and Presence

I lead a weekly meditation at OutSmart Magazine. My bud Greg Jeu invites all his employees and anyone else who wanders in to sit with us.
Greg and I have sat in this meditation circle for sixteen plus years now. Our little group gives
me the chance to riff on my latest insights and research in the spiritual life.
Last week I gave a “festive” talk on Your Soul’s Freedom. Followed by a Bellows Breath exercise and Presence meditation.
The Bellows Breath is an excellent way to shift your energy and your mindset really fast. It really kicks up the chi…and relaxes the mind.
I thought you might enjoy listening in so here it is…
Let me know what you think, how you feel, what you shift. Please leave me a comment below…


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Brilliant Heart, Still Mind
Live-Event with Alan Davidson

Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday – November 16, 17, 18
Houston, Texas

  • Emotional Brilliance – Transcend poisonous emotions and toxic beliefs
  • The destructive emotions in each of the chakras.
  • Resilience – Rebound from stress and drama
  • Master your Five Vital Intelligences: physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual
  • The neuoscience of Spiritual Wisdom
  • Pure Being – meditate in exquisite stillness
  • The SIX essential meditative states

Guest Faculty:

Helen Terry, world class Nia Trainer – conscious movement, embodying change
Tristan Truscott – co-founder of the Satori Method – Chi Qong and breathing
Katherine Moyer – Advanced PSYCH-K trainer and Energy Medicine practitioner – Test your vibrational scale

Price today – $297

After October 1st, 2012 – $397

Creighton Edwards: Expecting a Funeral, Planning a Wedding – A Surgeon’s Brush with Emotional Genius

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The little chamber orchestra playing secular music for a couple of Christian missionaries was the first clue this wedding was going to be different. The second clue was the barefoot bridesmaids with matching ankle bracelets. It was a typical Fort Worth, scorching afternoon; and the heat just seemed to shimmer around the old Methodist Church. After the bridesmaids came the bride, Kimmie,* just as barefoot as the day she was born.

Barefoot Wedding

Growing up with her missionary parents in Africa, Kimmie never much cared for shoes. She was however, gorgeous in a strapless long white wedding gown. Jacob,* the groom, waited for his bride-to-be with a splitting smile. They beamed at each other with such happiness; their vows seemed eclipsed by the simple beauty of their love.

Sealing their marriage with a passionate kiss, released by the minister, they turned together and skipped down the aisle and into their future; much to the smiles of their guests. Barely a dry eye in the house, the crowd rose to their feet for the procession.

The bride’s mother and father, glowing in their own right, followed the wedding party down the aisle. Just as they reached the last pews the Father-of-the-Bride saw an old gentleman, standing near the aisle, tears streaming down his face. The two men embraced. A silent moment of understanding and gratitude passed between them.

The sodden cheeked cowboy, dapperly dressed in full regalia—grey suite, boots, big belt buckle, and bolo tie—was Kimmie’s surgeon, Dr. Creighton Edwards. Together they knew what she had endured to skip down that aisle. As her father said later, “All these years we thought we’d be planning a funeral. Who knew we’d be planning a wedding.”

When Kimmie was eighteen months old doctors found a large, solid tumor in her vagina. The standard treatment at that time for such a virulent, dangerous tumor was a full Pelvic “Removal;” vagina, uterus, ovaries, and often the bladder and rectum, too. This radical surgery would leave the baby girl with a colostomy bag, a urinary diversion, and no female sex and hormonal organs.

With advances in chemo and radiation therapy, Dr. Edwards argued for a less radical surgery. Skillfully, he only removed Kimmie’s vagina, where the tumor was located, and created the urinary diversion.

Kimmie was able to grow up with her own ovaries intact. Just before she hit puberty she underwent another surgery to create her a new vagina.

Unfortunately, in her late teenage years the cancer came back. Twice. Finally they had to remove her uterus and ovaries. And yet, as the unique wedding revealed, here was a twenty-seven year-old, happy, healthy, young woman; primed for a new life, together with her husband carrying on her parent’s mission, spreading the good news of Christ’s love for everyone.

Dr. Creighton Edwards

Dr. Creighton Edwards is a fine example of Emotional Intelligence. He’s a 73 year old, old-school, gentleman doctor; now on staff at The Baylor College of Medicine.  They call him the Cowboy Surgeon because he always operates in his boots. His specialty is Gyn Oncology—female reproductive cancer.

Dr. Edwards is internationally respected as an innovative surgeon, teacher, and doctor. One of his most unusual talents; however, is patient care. In a time when doctors in general, cancer doctors  in particular, treat patients like objects,  Dr. Edwards is known for his care; his ability to be present with his patients through all the many stages of their treatment. He has the rare Emotional IQ to stay gently, fiercely open-hearted and connected to his patients, even till death in many cases. Creighton is a genius with Emotional IQ.

I’ve seen many of my own friends die of AIDS and didn’t manage my own emotions and grief as well as I would have liked. I asked Dr. Edwards once how he stays open and caring in the face of so much dying. He said simply, “I think of all the lives I help and save. It gives me strength.” Certainly moments like the joy and tears at Kimmie’s wedding help to make it worth while. And then there’s the quality of Living given to those who hear Cancer’s clarion call, no matter what the outcome of their diagnosis.

What is Emotional IQ?

Peaking Emotional IQ requires us to master our emotions. So often we are hijacked by these powerful feelings that course through our bodies; helpless to change how we react to them. Raising our Emotional IQ, our emotional maturity, passes through three stages of development: Selfish, Care, and Cosmic Care.

Emotional IQ at Selfish is the “what’s in it for me” phase. It’s also the stage where we treat other people as objects rather than human beings. This is where many doctors retreat to deal with the overwhelming grief and stress of their jobs—it’s easier to treat people like things instead of feel their pain and fear.

Care is the level of Emotional development when we genuinely care for the other people in our lives. The focus changes from Me (as in Selfish) to Us (as in Care). This shift is an important and necessary change of perspective for Emotional growth.

Cosmic Care is the open-heartedness to all of life, All of Us; the shift from Us (Care) to All of Us (Cosmic Care). At Cosmic Care we love all of humanity deeply, our animal friends; the dance of the sky/earth song around us. This peak of care also requires a tremendous open-heartedness to the suffering of the world around us, with the ability to stay centered in ourselves without being tossed away by our deepening emotions.

Emotional IQ also includes three other domains of living: Breath, Diet, and Sacred Sex. You may have noticed the powerful effects that breathing, food and drink, and sexual desire can have on your emotions, or vice versa.

It’s worth noting that many of the compulsions and addictions prominent in American society; smoking, over/under eating, binge-drinking, and sex are ways people cope with their emotions.  Peaking Emotional IQ requires us to master the flow of our emotions, our breath, nutrition, and the art of sacred sex.

A simple Exercise for Growing Emotional IQ

Center and Stretch—

In my last article I stressed the importance of “centering.” ** It’s the foundation of all martial arts movement. Centering also has an emotional facet (and a mental, moral, and spiritual component, but that’s another Oprah). When we are emotionally centered we feel at peace with peace with ourselves everyone around us. Grow that sense of peace and recognize it intimately.

I use a simple breath to bring me “back to center” when I feel hijacked by anger, or fear, or doubt. It’s so effective I call it the Valium Breath.

Breathe in for a count of three

Pause for a count of one

Breathe out for a count of six

Pause for a count of one

Breathe like this for a minute, two, five, or ten. The emphasis on the exhale actually soothes our nerves, relaxes our body, and calms our mind.

When I practice to “hold my emotional center” I can walk into intense situations and actually hold-on to my peace of heart; or al least bounce back quickly.

The more I Stretch myself in this way the easier it is to Be Present with people and my circumstances without losing-it. I can be with what is happening, my reality, as my friend. In this way I can demonstrate the kind of Emotional Genius Dr. Creighton Edwards shows with his patients.

*The names are changed to protect their privacy.

Body, Mind, Spirit Exercises: Five Exercises for Your Five Vital IQs in Ten Minutes

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right click to download the .pdf graphic of Your Five Vital IQs

My first offering in this Body-Mind-Spirit mini series is Five Exercises for Your Five Vital IQs in Ten Minutes. These are the five essential, and also simple and short, exercises for your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Moral, & Spiritual IQs.

Physical Intelligence – Sense and center your body,
Emotional Intelligence – Breathe through your heart,
Mental Intelligence – Still your mind,
Moral Intelligence – Give wisely, and
Spiritual Intelligence – Free your chi.

The primary benefits of these five foundational exercises are:

Unshakable sense of presence,
Be happy, joyful, and free,
Stop addictive behaviors,
Change self-sabotaging choices,
Let go of corrosive emotions,
Live your LIFE’s purpose,
Do work you LOVE (and get paid well for it),
Be free from FEAR (living in and reacting with),
Quit fighting “what is,”
Connect you to divine inspiration and creativity,
Spark Enlightenment.

Alan Davidson is the founder of and the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences; #1 best-selling .

Quick Tip: The Valium Breath

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by Alan Davidson

This rediculously easy breathing exercise is powerfully potent

I use this breath the most when I sit down to meditate and my mind is darting forth-and-back, grasping every thought like a shiny new toy. Or when I’m about to give a speech and my perfection-anxiety kicks into high gear.

This simple but highly effective breath is perfect for a stress smack-down. It’s the #1 anti anxiety breathing exercise. If you sense any anxiety at all, two minutes of this breath will give you a shift in your energy…and your serenity.

The focus on the out breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system – that’s the part of your nervous system that calms and sooths your body-heart-mind.

This breath is potent, yet ridiculously simple. It goes like this…

In-breath for a count of three,

Pause for a count of one,

Out-breath for a count of six,

Pause for a count of one.

Again your focus is on the out-breath. Your exhale is twice as long as your inhale.

Repeat the cycle for a minute, two, or even ten. Then let your breath balance out, the in-breath matching the out-breath.

Guaranteed to bring a sense of relaxation and peace to any stressed-out would-be inspirational speaker, meditator, or anyone suffering stress.