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The Black Pearl: How to Be Your Own Guru – Embody Your Spiritual Authority!

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Alan Davidson

Alan Davidson

Alan Davidson – founder of and the author of the best-selling and award winning Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences.

In a world focused on outer authority and external validation it’s easy to lose track of that quiet still voice of wisdom, your own inner guidance.

This article is for you if you are a lover of truth, a wisdom warrior, a maestro of stillness, and/or a bodhisattva for compassion.

How to Be Your Own Guru – 

Alexandria was the Pearl of the Mediterranean. Demetrios was the most trusted pearl merchant in that ancient port. He relied on the Persians for his trade, their caravans crossing the scorching Arabian deserts. The caravans, with their barking dogs, brought to him the finest pearls in the world from the far eastern Arabian Gulf. The diving fisherman who hugged the merciless coasts of the desert dived as many as 40 meters deep to harvest the oysters and their precious crop of pearls.

 Just as the goldsmith is skilled at finding the purest quality of gold through rubbing, burning, and testing; Demetrios was quite was wise and fair and skilled at testing pricing the pearls that came his way. He was a merchant, trained over many years to know the beautiful, fine qualities and variety of pearls.

He knew all the tests for the rarest of pearls; rubbing two pearls together to test their friction, the subtle density for the rarest pearls; the tooth test for judging the grittiest, and best pearls, and bouncing light for testing their luminous overtone.

Demetrios loved the beauty of his pearls, the journey from a grain of sand created by agitation and irritation and a polishing process to become a “translucent light,” a “seed of light,” a “holy touch of the divine ocean.”

Often he would walk to the center of the city to Alexandria’s grand Library and listen on the steps to the teachers and preachers speaking to the crowds. Philosophers from Athens and Rome, High Priests from nearby Memphis, and the saints and sages from distant India all converged on the steps to share their wisdom and insights on the meaning of this life and our universe.  Inspired by the stories of –life-after-life from the near-naked sadhus, the pearl to Demetrios was the perfect symbol for the “light of the soul,” the spiritual journey every man takes until the seeker and the Beloved, blissfully become One.

One summer day, a caravan master, weary from months on the Silk Road, summoned Demetrios to his tent. Inside, wrapped in fine silks, was a Black Pearl, the color of which he had never seen. The master assured him it had come from an island with black sands on the far-eastern tip of the South China Sea, much farther still from the capital city of Peking.

Demetrios ran his battery of tests, with each success falling deeper under the spell of the extraordinary Black Pearl. He had, indeed finally found his translucent light of the soul; his pearl of great price; the pearl of infinite oneness.

The caravan master asked an unholy amount for the rare pearl. Demetrios would have to sell everything he owned to buy the Black Pearl. After fever-dream days of longing for the Black Pearl’s beauty and understanding it’s deep symbolism of enlightenment…Demetrious decided he could not live with-out it. He systematically sold off all his other pearls, his property, his slaves, and all his belongings to possess the Black Pearl…

Demetrios then retreated to a near-by sanctuary of holy men to meditate on his pearl of great price, the most exquisite thing he had ever seen in the created world, and the image of God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Demetrios’ story is, of course, a retelling of the Jesus parable; suggesting that there is no price too high to enter the kingdom of heaven. In more modern terms, for the spiritual traveler, the Kingdom of Heaven is God Consciousness. In order to reach this goal, each seeker must give-up all their attachments, thoughts and desires; surrendering their personality, their very life to the Divine.

The Three Steps to Embody Your Spiritual Authority:

1)   Look Inward:

The crux of the story is Demetrios’ “wise choice” to give up everything he owns to possess the Black Pearl…aka, the Kingdom of Heaven. We call this quality discernment. The ability to make wise choices; to see the options ahead of you and the consequences of each choice is true discernment.  We must unplug from the external world and look inward to discern the truth.

Let me take a radical leap here and jump from Jesus to Madonna, and no I don’t mean his mother…Madonna, Mother of God. I mean the pop star Madonna.

The Material Girl

In her own way Madonna is living the journey of the black Pearl. She’s gone from Madonna, the Material Girl with her riffs on Marilyn Monroe and “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”…i.e. looking outside of herself for love, safety, success and satisfaction. Her journey now traverses the Madonna of “Ray of Light,” the Madonna focused on yoga and the mystical Kabbalah…i.e. looking inward for the answers to all things.

It is a trend I see happening all around me…many entrepreneurs and internet marketers have made millions of dollars, lost millions of those dollars, and made millions more. Only to finally realize that there is more to life than money, success, and “outward validations.” Now I see a real shift to inner validation, to personal and spiritual authority.

Money may come and go, but well earned spiritual authority, the refining and polishing of the personality so that it serves the Soul, will never leave you. That is the inner truth that both our pearl merchant Demetrios and the Lady Madonna found for themselves.

2)   Listen Deep:

Alex Grey: Meditation

The simplest way to do that is to listen deeply, and then strategically act on its guidance.

We each have an inner voice of wisdom that KNOWS our soul purpose; that knows our universal highest good; that knows our inner-most values; that knows our core strengths; and our life passions. This is the essence of one of your Five Vital IQs, the key to your Moral Intelligence.

Our inner voice of wisdom is an essential part of us that is constantly re-calibrating and re-balancing our lives so that every moment is a gift, an opportunity for growth and healing.

When we learn to cultivate that inner voice of wisdom, we practice discernment by turning inward. We decide for ourselves our very own wisest choice in the moment.

After riffing on a number of chapters on the qualities of the Tao (and the mysteries of the universe), Lao Tzu asks, “How do I know this is true? I looked inside myself.” The deepest meaning of Pearl of Great Price is the knowing truth that nothing else matters. All of our daily needs fall away when we turn our attention to embodying our True Selves, the essential truth of who we are.

3)   Act Wisely:

Madonna – Ray of Light

The more I can listen deeply, then act on the wisdom found there – the voice deepens, becomes louder. It’s like flexing and building a muscle. In my experience that inner voice of wisdom has never steered me wrong. I might have stumbled a time or two or three as I learned to listen better, but every choice I’ve made listening to my inner wisdom has served my own spiritual flowering. AND it invites me to embody my own spiritual authority; to trust, to know, to live my truth as it is revealed in the moment.

When we tune out the din on all the external demands for our attention, we rise above the our fears, our defenses, our programming to turn our tremendous energy to serve our soul, our destiny; and ultimately our joy, our happiness, and our essential purpose for choosing this life.

The more I embody my own inner wisdom, the more unshakable trust I have in my True Self. The easier it is to make the “hard” decisions in my life. And the grander the adventure my life becomes…not to mention the spectacular people, also anchored in their own personal and spiritual authority I attract to me. So whether I am the merchant trading everything I own for the pearl of great price, or I am the Madonna singing through “the ray of light,” it is my own discernment, my own inner wisdom, my own spiritual authority that guides me to greater and greater depths of grace. I’m happy with either…and with both.

Body Brilliance 100% Natural Spray Deodorant

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New relief for sweat and stink shows how you can still smell good and smile after going through a hell-of-a-day-day…all without adding dangerous and toxic chemicals to your deodorant.

Alanna_1Houston resident, Alan Davidson, the author of the award winning and best-selling, Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences announced the launch of his product line, Body Brilliance Products, on March 17th, 2014.

Davidson developed his first product, Body Brilliance 100% Natural Liquid Deodorant Spray, out of a desire to help the growing number of people that feel threatened by using dangerous or toxic chemicals in their antiperspirants and deodorants.

America’s Doctor, Dr. Oz says, “There are three major areas of the body that sweat and stink: under your arms, your pubic area, and your feet; because these three areas have a higher number of sweat glands associated with your hair follicles. Two things, then, affect your body odor; how much you actually sweat…and what bacteria are feeding in those sweaty areas.”

Davidson has worked with thousands of clients as a body-worker, aromatherapist, and spa therapist to develop an alternative and natural approach to their health and healing. He taught massage and spa therapy for ten years at a Houston massage training center. Davidson also taught a 100 hour Aromatherapy Certification program.

Davidson combined twenty-four-plus years of experience about well-being and a holistic lifestyle; including natural earth minerals, plant extracts, and aromatherapy oils, or essential oils. Body Brilliance 100% Natural Spray Deodorant is a formulation of seaweed and algae extracts, mineral salts, and essential oils such as: lavandin, patchouli, spanish sage, tea tree leaf, cajeput, lemon peel & pine needle.

The resulting potion is designed to kill bacteria that cause body odor. It allows the body to perform the way it was intended. Sweating is an essential body function. It’s also the way our bodies cool and detoxify.

BB-BottleBody Brilliance 100% Natural Spray Deodorant is designed for men, women and children. It is a premium professional grade deodorant and is designed for Exclusive Resort Spa treatments and customers. It gives you hours of antibacterial protection and is safe for all skin types. It is  Aluminum FREE and Paraben FREE.

For more information on Alan Davidson’s Body Brilliance 100% Natural Spray Deodorant , please visit Amazon:

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Meditation: Enlightened Tapping

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 Listen in via your computer or download this audio to your device!

Above all else, ENJOY! 

Right click to download this meditation audio

EFT/Tapping Points

Alan Davidson is the founder of and the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 best-selling Health and Wellness book and winner of two national Book-of-the-Year Awards; the 2007 Independent Publishers Awards Bronze Medal for Body/Mind/Spirit Book-of-the-Year and America’s Best Books Awards for Health and Fitness Book of the Year. Alan has a B.S. from University of Houston, Downtown, with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, and spiritual practice.  Alan has taught massage, meditation, yoga, and human transformation since 1990. Alan did a crash course in business and marketing to launch his book Body Brilliance (which hit the #1 Health and Wellness slot and the #7 Top 100 Books at Barnes and Noble). Alan was named the 2007 Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Houston Marketer-of-the-Year for his savvy skills. Alan has taught and consulted with Body-Mind-Spirit entrepreneurs on their business, marketing, and a special emphasis on Internet Marketing since 2006. Alan completed Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager training in 2009. He helps body-mind-spirit entrepreneurs launch their products and services over the internet to share their message, have a greater impact, and boost their sales. Alan has managed over forty product launches for clients since 2009.

Physical Intelligence: Come Back, a Thousand Times, Come Back

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by Alan Davidson

I read about these two brothers, Danny and Al Kovado, who have mastered what they call body-weight strength training. They use gravity and the great out-doors to train their body.

In this 2:56 video clip Al Kovado shows just what you can do with your own body’s weight and a couple props found in any park in the world.

Do I dare to dream that I can restore my own body to this kind of peak conditioning…and model for my own pictures for physical IQ?

My favorite kosmic riddle today is a riff by Persian Poet, Rumi:

 Come, come whoever you are! Wanderer, worshipper, Lover of leaving, come.

 This is not a caravan of despair. It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times, still come, and yet again come!

 I’m knocking on the door of kindness, the gentleness Rumi offers with “even if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times.”

I’m feeling a bit like Hester Prynne these days. Hester is the heroine of Hawthorne’s classic The Scarlett Letter. Condemned by her Puritanical Boston community, Hester wears the scarlet-red A on her dress as a mark of shame for birthing a baby girl out of wedlock.

Like Hester, I wear a mark of silent-shame every day. My scarlet letter is the 100+ pounds I’ve gained over the past few years. I returned from a fabulous trip to Italy eleven years ago weighing 232 lbs. I was the most healthy, trim and fit I’ve ever been in my life; ever since I’ve been quietly packing on the pounds.

My shame only deepens when I autograph a copy of my best-selling and award-winning book, Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences. I watch people’s faces with pride when they flip through the spectacular naked photographs of yoga poses, tai chi moves, and conscious calisthenics. And I witness the quizzical look on those same faces when they realize the over-weight man in front of them wrote a manifesto focused on physical intelligence.

Like many overweight people I’m an expert on food, nutrition, and diet. But knowledge isn’t enough to stop behaviors driven by dark emotions and buried memories. Truth is I’m an emotional eater. I eat to feed my hungry heart and soothe a wounded soul.

Thus my knocking on the door of kindness and gentleness that Rumi offers with “even if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times.”

I have always been a man who seeks to the spiritual solutions for my life’s challenges. I spent many years as an ex-meth junkie bartending to the fabulous (and I was often just as drunk as the “fabulous” I served). It’s been twenty-three years since I had drink or stuck a syringe in my arm. Finding the principles of a spiritual life and living the wisdom of my own body have served me well on those counts.

with an extra 100 pounds

But I haven’t cracked the code for eating like a healthy, fit, and naturally thin person. Not with the shadows pressing my heart and the constant subconscious triggering of my freeze-fight-flight response to “stress, threat and danger.” So through eleven years and cycles of will-power, injury and neglect I’ve gained the 100+ pounds.

I’ve committed this summer to cracking that code to “eating like a naturally thin person.” My friend Brittany Watkins gifted me access to her summer training, “Reboot Your Brian.” Brittany is a world-class expert on emotional eating, food cravings, and EFT/Tapping. I’m lying very low through these dog-days to focus on my own deep emotional healing. I’m already sensing subtle shifts in my body and my relationship to food and eating. Sometimes it feels like a step forward and sometimes two-steps-back. But I do feel different…and hopeful about my body for the first time in a very long time.

All the while my insights into Physical Intelligence continue to guide me. My lifelong research into peaking Physical IQ and its foundation of Sense and Center, and its essential pillars of Strength, Flexibility, Grace, & Bearing still serve me.

I pulled my most favorite exercises from the canon of physical fitness training. I call them my Twenty-Five To Five.

  • Tai Chi Five Elements – clockwise,
  • Tai Chi Five Elements – counter clockwise,
  • Five Tibetans (I’m gently working into the full movements and reps),
  • Five stretches, or yoga asanas, and
  • Five strengthen exercises.

That’s a total of twenty five exercises. It takes about twenty to twenty-five minutes to move through all of them. I can also scale the number from the full twenty five exercises, based on the amount of time I have, down to as few as five movements. If I only have the time, interest, energy, or will to do five, then the Five Tibetans give the biggest bang for my investment.

I share all this for two reasons…one, to pull the curtain back on my own pilgrimage to healthy, happy, and wise living. And also to encourage you, no matter how many times you’ve broken your personal vows to come back to your desire for excellence.

As Rumi says, this is not a caravan of despair. Come, and yet again come!

Love your way,

Alan Davidson

Al Kavaldo – master of body weight