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Calming The Mind Chatter: The Valium Breath

The Valium Breath~

This simple, yet powerful breath helps discharge excess and anxious energy from your body and mind.

It’s very easy…

  1. Sit straight and sit still;
  2. Close your eyes or gaze softly towards the floor;
  3. Your hands rest comfortably in your lap (or in a meaningful position, like a mudra);
  4. Take belly breaths…
  5. Breath In for a count of three,
  6. Pause.
  7. Breath Out for a count of six,
  8. Pause.
  9. Repeat for two, five, ten minutes…until you feel calm and relaxed throughout your body, heart, and mind.

Notice what you Sense and what you notice.

The focus on the out-breath activates your Para-Sympathetic Nervous System, which relaxes your body.

And calms your Sympathetic Nervous System, which excites your body.

Please, leave me a comment below to let me know how you like The Valium Breath.

Alan Davidson

One Comment

  • kirsten bedmar says:

    I have missed you, actually I was very excited to see you, y very effectfull breathing tecnic, all that is simple, graciac

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