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Buddhalicious vs. People Pleaser Patty [Infinite Stillness, your Ally & Soul-Power]

I have three things for your today…

1] Infinite Stillness, your Ally & Soul-Power;

2] Milestones in your Evolutionary Mystic journey;

3] 3rd Saturday Evolutionary Mystic ½ Day Retreat


One] Infinite Stillness, your Ally & Soul-Power [Buddhalicious vs. People Pleasing Patty]

True Story~

A longtime friend recently offered some suggestions about the Evolutionary Mystic Meditation experience.

I turned my body forward, relaxed deeply into my Center, and listened.

As she shared…

  • My tapping with the Voices was too fast.
  • My tapping with the voices was too long.
  • Was I trying to control her mind?
  • And I should end exactly on time.

I genuinely appreciate suggestions on improving “the mystical work;” and how I can improve my delivery of each experience. ”

I also imagined the emotion of disapproval coming with her suggestions.

The good news!

About 95% of me stayed Centered, breathing, and present.

And I could feel the stirrings of that Voice, in the spirit of fun, I love to call “People-Pleasing-Patty,” or Pat if you’re a guy like me…

A Bit About People Pleasing Patty~

The People Pleaser is terrified of criticism, loneliness, and being abandoned.

Body~ Sensation: Clenching in the pelvis, belly, or heart

Heart~ Emotion: Loneliness, Fear, Heartache

Mind~ Core Belief…Love is Conditional.

Will~ Behavior: I shave off parts of myself to please others so that I fit in and belong.

Spirit~ Core Wound…I MUST abandon, betray or abuse my own already Wounded Child to get the Love I crave.

The People Pleaser is a constant member of my Defense Team; that chorus of Voices that live in the basement of my unconscious. He lies in wait for the first sign of trouble, ever-ready to defend and protect the Wounded Selves within me.

Do you have a People Pleasing Patty?

More Good News!

In the past, at any sign of disapproval, People Pleaser Pat would have hijacked my whole body. And done everything he could to “shape right up,” smooth the waters, and staunch the flow of disapproval.

Anything and everything…especially abandoning true myself.

During this talk, however, I was able to stay Centered, peaceful, and present.

People Pleasing Pat…meet Buddhalicious!

For the small stirrings of People-Pleaser-Pat, I had several Soul-Powers to call on…Non-Attachment, Infinite Stillness, Fierce Compassion, or Eternal Love.

Grounded in my Center, I choose to call on a Voice, in the spirit of fun that I love to call Buddhalicious. He’s a member of my Soul Team.

Buddhalicious’ Soul-Power is the embodiment of Infinite Stillness.

Body~ Sensation: Relaxation and opening of the entire body

Heart~ Emotion: Exquisite Peace

Mind~ Core Belief…I am the Grand Paradox. I am Nothing <> I am ALL Things.

Will~ Behavior: I meet every experience with whole-body, whole-being Presence.

Spirit~ Soul-Power: I am the Infinite Stillness at the Center of ALL movement.

Now Centered in my Soul-Power, Infinite Stillness, I could sense the stirrings of my defensive response.

And I chose wisely.

Rather than let them intensify and hijack my Center, I met the energies driving People-Pleaser-Pat with Vast Spaciousness.

I skillfully surrendered those energies, emotions, and pain…leaving me 100% Centered in peace and presence.

A delicious sensation, for sure.


Two] Milestones in your Evolutionary Mystic journey~

Remember, your mystical journey is YOUR journey… Your journey may take a few months. Your journey may take a few years. Your journey may take a few lifetimes.

Your timing is perfect. Your pace is perfect.

Every mystic’s journey to their spiritual freedom also has a series of personal landmarks.

I’ve outlined Ten Mystic Milestones for the Evolutionary Mystic Journey. My story about People-Pleaser Pat meets Buddhalicious describes THREE of those promises and milestones.

Mystic Milestone #1: At will, choose to Sense, Center, and Shift into a Voice of your Soul Team. You tap your Soul Powers and respond from Eternal Love, Infinite Stillness, and Ecstatic Joy (even for a moment…or two).

Mystic Milestone #2: Notice when you are being hijacked; either covertly, subtly, or dramatically, by a Voice from your Defense Team…and that you are reacting from Fear.

Mystic Milestone #3: Surrender any Energy, Emotion, or Pain moving through your body to Infinite Stillness or Eternal Love.

What milestone are you celebrating today?


Three] 3rd Saturday Evolutionary Mystic ½ Day Retreat~

Embodying Infinite Stillness…

½ Day Meditation Experience w Alan Davidson:
Saturday August 17th, 2019 | 2 PM to 5:30 PM

Why: Infinite Stillness is vast spaciousness, exquisite peace, and the freedom of ALL possibilities. Infinite Stillness is the experience of ALL your states of Body, Heart, Mind, Will, and Spirit…in union with Divine Emptiness and Stillness. Emptiness and form are not two. Infinite Stillness is the recognition and the identification with all states, no states, and that which is beyond them.


Infinite Stillness allows you to watch yourself, your life, and the world as it arises in one moment; endures for a moment, and falls away the next moment. It’s the complete cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in the span of a deep, belly breath. You simply witness as everything in the created universes arises, endures, and falls way…moment by moment; breath by breath…All with deep ease, peace, and stillness.


You already are, and always have been an Evolutionary Mystic; longing to emerge from your cocoon of limitations. Sense through your whole body and whole being your most fabulous, most radiant, most ‘enlightened Self.’ It’s just a simple little shift; and easy once you know how.

Click here for more about Embodying Infinite Stillness ½ Day Retreat:

Alan Davidson

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