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Ken Wilber, Integral Theory, Enlightenment, & The Five States of Being

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written by Alan Davidson

“If the soul wants to know God, it cannot do so in time.
For so long as the soul is conscious of time or space
or any other [object], it cannot know God.”~

Ken Wilber, Founder of the Integral Spirituality

Ken Wilber, the founder of Integral Spirituality

So what are the five enlightened states of being…and why should you care?

As an modern mystic you seek out the ways you dramatically accelerate your Soul’s growth and evolution.

You surrender to ever-higher, ever-deeper, and ever-wider ways of being.

You surrender into your Most Fabulous, Most Extraordinary, Most Radiant, Most Enlightened Self.

You surrender to BEING Divine Presence; to embodying The Infinite in this 3-Dimensional world of time and space.

You master and embody the entire spectrum of spiritual enlightenment.

This being Divine Presence then allows you to “unleash excellence and achievement” in every facet of your world.

You are “unfuckwithable,” my fave word of the year…so far J!

The Five Enlightened States of Being…

Within your everyday experience, you shift through many different states of consciousness.

There are all sorts of states available to you…

There are meditative states induced by yoga, contemplative prayer, or deep meditation.

There are altered states such as drug or ritually induced experiences.

There are a variety of peak states triggered by intense sensory experiences…like listening to music, or being in nature, or making love.

All mystics know that through specialized ritual, self-denial, drugs or a combination of these…a sacred altar within you is created, a mysterious point in-and-out of time, in which you can experience direct communication with the spirit realms and beyond.

This sacred alter opens you the central axis to the universe; that point where you experience the various dimensions of reality and creation and how they are woven together.

The world’s mystical traditions, both East and West, describe the experience of waking up to these essential cosmic experiences.

The Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish mystics all realized there are three natural states of consciousness…and beyond them two more infinite states.

Your three natural states are:

1) The Waking State is your physical, or gross, level of money, food, and sex.

2) The Dream State is the subtle level of your visions, dreams, and mystical experiences.

3) The Deep-Sleep State is the causal, or root-level of your conscious existence; it is your soul programing and sense of ‘I’ and ‘other.’

You experience these three natural states exist within time and space. To experience the fullness of your Soul, you must shift into the infinite states.

Your two infinite states are:

4) The Witness State is your ability to observe and reflect all other states and experiences with complete impartiality.

5) The Non-Dual State or Oneness/Unity Consciousness is YOU as The Realization of Always-Already Truth.

Your journey as an Evolutionary Mystic is to consciously wake up to each of them.

Waking, dreaming, and deep formless sleep actually contain a treasure trove of spiritual insight, wisdom, and awakening.

Right now you are in The Waking State. And you might think, as far as waking, this is as good as it gets. But 94% of the world’s population live is a comfort cocoon dominated by their thinking mind. Waking-up to the waking state is an art and science all to itself.

You might think that the dream state is less real, but what if you could enter your dreams, our visions, and your mystical experiences fully awake?

The deep-dreamless sleep state is the farthest edge of your aura, your “subtlest sense of self.” It is where the shine of your being meets the infinite. Might you learn something extraordinary if you brought your awakened awareness to this awareness?

As you shift beyond the experience of yourself as physical, as subtle, and very-subtle, you move into classic states of infinite enlightenment; such as satori, a profound awakening; or nirvana, blown-out liberation.

As a modern mystic, your soul’s #1 mission is to embody Infinite Love, Eternal Stillness, Fierce Compassion, and Spontaneous Joy.

As you shift into and stabilize these infinite states of The Witness and Non-Dual Consciousness, you wake-up to the promise of ALL five of these states of being. You bring your joyful, enlightened awareness to every level of your being.

You become Divine Presence. You become your most fabulous, most extraordinary, most radiant, most enlightened Self.

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation helps you access states of enlightened consciousness in just ten to twenty minutes. Traditional meditation takes 50 to 60 minutes to affect even a relaxed state of brain function; much less the full-on experience of Infinite Love or Eternal Stillness.

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation then helps you to tap the profound healing qualities of Infinite Stillness and Divine Love to transform your inner “voices, selves, or parts” that are still wounded, hurting and clenched in fear.

Your soul’s #2 mission to surrender and heal all the wounds and blocks that keep you from embodying your Evolutionary Mystic.

And that’s another episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Stay tuned…

Keep Shining Like 10,000 Suns~

Alan D~

Alan Davidson

1103 Peveto St.
Houston, TX 77019


How Your Pain Body is Born

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The Birth of Your Pain Body~

The pain-body wants to survive, just like every other entity in existence, and it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it. It can then rise up, take you over, “become you,” and live through you.”~ Eckhart Tolle

You were born a Mystical Child. You were born as pure Divine Presence. You were born innocent, vulnerable, and golden with all your Soul’s possibilities.

As Steven Kessler writes about pure presence in his fabulous The 5 Personality Patterns…

“We’re not remembering the past or imagining the future. We have not closed or armored our body in any way. There is no edge, no inside no outside. No self or other…just the flow of experience.”

Divine Presence, your most precious gift from the Universe is still within you. It’s not lost and gone forever. You just need to do a little bit of excavating to reclaim your Mystical Child; to reawaken your pure sense of innocence and vulnerability.

So how did you go from Divine Presence to The Self you are now; with your bundle of hurts, pain, preferences, and defenses?

Your life happened, that’s what.

I often ask the groups I lead a question, “How many of you had fully enlightened, fully embodied parents when you were growing up?”

So far no one has truthfully raised their hand to affirm such a magical childhood. I do look forward to meeting one, then groups of people, who did have the good fortune to be born into families of Evolutionary Mystics.

But for now, your parents are, and certainly were, human beings. And at this time in human evolution, parents are simply not capable of satisfying your every need; or keeping you safe from every pain, fear, or threat.

Here’s how it works [at least for now :)]…

Your nervous system is designed to move through the cycle of charge and discharge.

This same cycle is present in all of nature, not just human beings.

It is present in the plate tectonics of the Earth’s crust…earthquakes; weather patterns…thunder storms; and wild animals, being hunted on the savannah.

A. Stimulus B. Charge  C. Discharge/Expression
D. Equilibrium

You start calm and relaxed.

  1. Stimulus~ There is a sensation, either from inside your body like cold, thirst, or hunger. Or there is a stimulus from outside your body like a loud noise or an intense or scary emotion that your mother is feeling.
  2. Charge~ Your nervous system builds an electrical charge of energy that rises and eventually peaks. The greater the stimulus, the greater the amount of energy builds up. You communicate your discomfort by fussing, crying, thrashing, and demanding COMFORT.
  3. Discharge/Expression~ as you are comforted, that peaked excessive energy is discharged through your body. It is important that all the excess stimulated energy is completely released.
  4. Only then, once the energy is thoroughly released from the body, will you return to pure presence…calm, easy, and relaxed.

At some point as a baby, you had an experience that was too scary, too painful, or too overwhelming for your psyche to handle. The sensation was too intense. You couldn’t handle it. And your parents being human beings, they were unable to comfort you, enough or at all, so that you could discharge ALL the pain, emotion, and energy of the experience.

Your Pain Body was born at this is the crucial moment.

In that moment, a number of things happen. Your Soul actually fractured. Your Soul split.

Your psyche, in its divine wisdom, buries the excess energy in your body.

Your psyche, in its drive to keep you alive for as long as possible; with as little pain as possible, tries out survival strategies that will insure you are safe and protected.

In this precious moment, three important “voices, parts, or selves” are born; the first stirrings of your Pain Body, your Controller, and your Protector.

As your Divine Presence is overwhelmed time and time again, the un-metabolized energies, pain, and emotions builds up in your Pain Body. The more intense, the more your Psyche buries, represses, and suppresses them.

The domestication process is tough. You know, you becoming a proper, socially acceptable child like every other kid on our block; and in your school.

This happens for every child. This survival technique happens at any overwhelm. But really kicks into high gear if there is abuse, or trauma.

Your Controller and your Protector are eventually joined by the chorus of defensive voices that are born to help survive. Like your Inner Critic, your Good Girl or Good Boy; or Bad Boy or Bad Girl; your Pusher.

Collectively, this chorus of voices becomes your “Ego;” and evolves into the “Voice in your Head” that narrates your entire experience for you.

Each member of your chorus of “Selves” help you, in their own unique way, to get what you want and need to survive…

1) to live as long as possible;
2) to live with as little pain as possible; and
3) to live as much pleasure as possible.

This is happening before you can even have memories of these events and your psychic response to them. Your Divine Presence get buried under more and more layers of defense and protection.

Reclaiming your Divine Presence and Mystical Child requires healing all the fractured Soul selves; all the splintered parts that are still holding the pain, emotion, and overwhelming energy of the event that birthed them.

That’s how your Pain Body was born.

Another time we’ll explore how Evolutionary Mystic Meditation is a fast-track to excavating and healing each of these fractured soul parts, including your Pain Body.


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Keep shining like 10,000 suns!

Alan D~

PS We will use: 1) Evolutionary Mystic Meditation; 2) Joyful Movement ~ Sense & Centering, Qigong, & Diva Yoga; 3) Chanting;  4) Mindfulness Meditation. Stillness & Silence never felt so good…or transformative.

Love your way…

Alan Davidson

1103 Peveto St.
Houston, TX 77019

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How to Heal Your Mystical Child

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You were born a Mystical Child. You were born as pure Divine Presence. You were born innocent, vulnerable, and golden with all your Soul’s possibilities.

And then your life happened.

When the experiences of your life became too scary, too painful, or too overwhelming, for your psyche to handle, your Soul actually fractured. Your Soul split.

Carl Jung used the term splinter to describe the creation of these inner-selves, or sub-personalities.

In the splitting, you created a fractured inner-child that trapped the pain, fear, and the other emotions from these traumatic events into your BODY.

Karmic blocks are frozen light trapped in your Soul Body.

Your Soul also “froze” the energetic frequency of these splits into karmic imprints; or frozen light trapped in your Soul body, or Light Body.

Your first fragile instinct at healing was to protect, soothe, and comfort your Wounded Self.


Over years, you refined a set of defenses by creating other inner-parts, voices, or sub-personalities to protect your marinating-in-pain-inner-children.

Your most successful strategies for safety and security would eventually become habits that locked in your body.

And Life’s hard knocks, disappointments, and traumas kept rolling on year upon year.

So you ended up having dozens; and in extreme cases even dozens-and-dozens of suffering inner-children.

After years of woundings and more Soul fracturing, your Mystical Child, along with your Soul’s golden potential, Divine Presence, innocence, and vulnerability…got long buried under those layers of trapped energy; and more and layers of suppressed pain and emotion.

It is one of life’s little cosmic jokes that the journey to your Soul’s enlightenment is to recover the Divine Presence you were born with; to reclaim your Mystical Child.

Funny…ha, ha isn’t it?

Ironically the path of spiritual enlightenment is the reclaiming of your Divine Presence.

  • Finally reclaiming your Mystical Child means sensing; through your own body, the pleasures of Absolute Joy and Ecstatic Bliss. It means tapping back into the wholeness of your Divine Being.
  • Your Soul’s liberation comes when you create a Self that is courageous enough to finally be innocent and vulnerable…again.
  • Living into your Soul’s Legacy means turning all the golden possibilities you were born with at Soul level into 3-D realities.
  • Midwifing your Evolutionary Mystic…your most fabulous, most enlightened Self, means healing and re-integrating each of those fractured inner-children, ALL your splintered Soul parts.

Fortunately Evolutionary Mystic Meditation helps you to access the Eternal Stillness and Infinite Love at the center of your Spiritual Being.

Those enlightened states have profound healing qualities. And you can skillfully use those Divine Healing energies to heal ALL of your inner children, voices, and parts…to reclaim and embody your Mystical Child.

Unfortunately, many of your woundings and early traumas happened before your first conscious memory. (Most people’s first conscious memory was around 3 to 4 years old).

Here are the six steps I take to start healing my splintered inner-children and reclaim my Mystical Child

  1. Shift into the infinite and eternal Divine Mother; especially the enlightened healing qualities of Fierce Compassion and Unconditional Love.
  2. Start with the memory of a conscious traumatic event.
  3. Track the sensations and emotions of that painful trauma back in time to an event where those same sensations, emotions, and pains were present. Meet one of your fractured inner-children.[In your Soul’s drive to heal you ritually recreate the same basic woundings over-and-over again].
  4. Tap the healing power of Unconditional Love to heal your traumatized inner-child.
  5. Tap the healing power of Fierce Compassion to confront and reprimand the perpetrator of your trauma.
  6. Meditate daily with these inner-children, beaming Divine Love to their hearts, until they are wholly healed and ready to re-integrate into your Soul.

There are many kinds of spiritual healings that can help you to work with your conscious inner-children.

However, there are very few healing experiences that can help you access your traumatized inner-children…the ones that were wounded before your conscious memories began.

Thank wholeness that Evolutionary Mystic Meditation is one of those healing arts.

We’ll talk more about how your Pain Body is born and how to heal it in a few days.

Keep shining like 10,000 suns!

Alan D~

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation w Alan Davidson

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Love your way…

Alan Davidson

Your Six Essential, Yet Dormant Soul Gifts

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Chiseled in stone, above the gate welcoming pilgrims to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, was written, “Know Thy Self.”

Rarely do people follow those wise words.

Inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece

Complicating the matter is the question, which Self is that?

Did the High Priestess mean your Lower Self; your everyday, waking, thinking, feeling…Personality Self?

Or did the oracle priestess mean your Higher Self? Who you are at your soul level…and higher? It’s a great mystery.

It is challenging enough to learn who you are at your Personality Self; the chorus of Selves that fuel that ‘voice in your head.’ The chorus of voices, parts, or sub-personalities that shift in-and-out through your day, taking solos to comment on, advise, and warn you about your every experience.

Your Personality includes the pulsing promise of all your gifts, dreams, strengths, desires and talents.

And your personality holds the comfort-cocoon you weave to protect your hurt heart, your nagging self-doubts, shame spirals, and your wounded mystical inner-child (or should I say mystical inner-children?).

Most people don’t know the complex patterns that create “why I do what I do; why I want what I want; who I really am.”

Then there is your Higher Self, the source of tremendous power for your healing and evolution!

Your Higher Self holds a # of soul gifts for you. Those soul gifts are just waiting for you to develop and evolve to the point you can excavate them, experience them, embody them, and then skillfully use them.

Your Higher Self holds many Soul Gifts for you

Use your soul gifts to embody more love, more stillness, and more compassion. Use your soul gifts to be a light in the world.

How to embody these soul gifts, my mystical friend, is the even greater mystery…

The map of spiritual anatomy that I prefer says that we have five Spiritual Realms and fifteen chakras in a fifteen dimensional time matrix (explaining that my fellow mystics is a whole ‘nother interview on Oprah).

Your Five Spiritual realms are: 1) Incarnate Realm 2) Soul Realm 3) Over-Soul Realm 4) Avatar Realm and 5) Rishi Realm.

Each realm includes three chakras and three dimensions of the time matrix. These dimensions are experienced as specific energy frequencies and your chakras channel those energies into your subtle, spiritual bodies.

Your Lower Self, or Personality Self is the 1) Incarnate Realm; which includes how you live in 3-D reality

Your Higher Self includes the other four spiritual realms: 2) Soul Realm 3) Over-Soul Realm 4) Avatar Realm and 5) Rishi Realm. These are beyond the body’s five senses and your personality’s ability to experience them.

Realm #2, your Soul Realm, is quite complex in its own right. It includes your soul’s DNA, or Soul Gifts. These are your astral, archetypal, and angelic dimensions and include a host of very subtle, spiritual information that informs who you are.

The spiritual path is about making your Soul Realm conscious. It’s about embodying your soul’s wisdom so that you can use it skillfully to live your life as a truly enlightened mystic.

You Higher Self also has access to divine healing energies that you can skillfully use to heal the wounds and traumas of your personality. Healing energies like infinite love and eternal stillness that transform and transmute lifetimes of pain and suffering very quickly.

So what are some of your Soul’s DNA that is available to you at your Soul Realm?

The six essential gifts, yet dormant in most people, that I focus on are (and these are certainly not all of them):

  1. Your Universal Soul Purpose; and
  2. Your Unique Soul Path;
  3. Your Soul Type;
  4. Your Soul Quality;
  5. Your Soul Family of Origin; and
  6. Your primary Divine Soul Energy.

I’ll give a brief intro to most of these, with a deeper dive in your soul’s primary Divine Soul Energy.

1] Your Universal Soul Purpose – In my work with thousands of mystics, I realized that every human being alive today has one Universal Soul Purpose. One out of three possible ultimate soul goals for this incarnation on Earth: embody stillness, the Divine Masculine; embody love, the Divine Feminine; or embody the Divine Marriage, the integration of both.

*** Knowing your Universal Soul Purpose helps you to know which spiritual practices and skills to develop. You then know how to invest your time and attention wisely so that you get the best ‘bang’ for your practice.

If your Universal Soul Purpose is embody stillness, then classic meditation training is an essential start for you. Simply sitting and sensing the joy of stillness; of embodying The Witness Self and Divine Oneness, or non-dual awareness, are effective paths to this Soul Purpose.

2] Your Unique Soul Path – With each incarnation into the physical world, your soul has specific lessons for you to learn, heal, and balance. Specific karmic challenges are also set in place for you to resolve.

*** Knowing your Unique Soul Path helps you surf your challenges and what dormant gifts, talents, and skills you have at soul level to master those challenges.

3] Your Soul Type – There are lots of documented ways to ‘type’ your soul. Astrology, the Enneagram, or Carl Jung’s typology used in the Meyer’s Briggs Assessment (and many more). They all point to how you perceive and use energy in your life.

*** Knowing your Soul Type helps you know how best to manage your energy; and to know your strengths, your biases, and your blind spots when it comes to other people.

4] Your Soul Quality – shows you how you serve and manage change. There are three main qualities: Creators, Stabilizers, and Destroyers. Some people are happiest creating change. Other people are happiest in stabilizing things so that they can grow, flower, and fruit. Other people are destroyers. They are happiest in breaking down the old to make way and to fertilize for the next season or cycle.

*** Knowing your Soul Quality helps you realize just how to boost the way you manifest your life and soul goals.

5] Your Soul Family of Origin – this bit of soul wisdom is rare. Just as each human has an astrological stamp that guides a life, every soul was mid-wifed into being as a conscious entity. Where in the kosmos your soul was ‘born’ also imprints qualities, characteristics, and attribute within your soul.

Here’s an example. A number of people living today Soul’s Family of Origin was the Pleiades. Souls from this family are “visionary, inspired, charismatic, and excellent communicators.”  Richard Branson, Bono, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Oprah are well known souls from this family.

*** Knowing your Soul Family of Origin helps you unlock a ton of gifts and energy for you to harness in service to your soul success and enlightenment.

6] Your primary Divine Soul Energy – The Empress of the West, or Xi Wang Mu, is the ancient Chinese Goddess of Immortality and Prosperity. The Chinese have revered this goddess for over 3,500 years!

This goddess of Immortality wore a crown of nine stars; each star radiant with ‘numina’ or Ray of Divine Light and Power. These nine rays equate to your Soul Energies.

We have all nine energies in our matrix. And we each have one Divine Soul Energy as our primary, or dominant soul energy.

The nine Divine Soul Energies are Divine Compassion, Divine Creation, Divine Love, Divine Order, Divine Power, Divine Self-Expression, Divine Truth, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Marriage (meaning Divine Integration).

*** Knowing your Divine Soul Energy helps you tap undiscovered power within you. In my experience most people are using only 20 to 35% of their available primary soul energy. It also helps you put your dominant energy in service to your Soul Path and Soul Purpose.

As a renaissance man, one of the hats I wear is helping other spiritual entrepreneurs with their business and marketing success. As I talk with many entrepreneurs, there is

To grow a national or global brand you pretty much need Divine Power or Divine Creation as a primary or secondary Divine Soul Energy.

If Divine Love or Divine Compassion is your primary Divine Soul Energy, you can def have a successful practice helping and healing others. But it would be very difficult to manifest a global brand.

Knowing your primary Divine Soul Energy helps you manage your own expectations of what’s possible for you at soul level.


During your private Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing, & Activation session w me, we go over all this wisdom, and more. We also activate these is they are dormant; and clear any major blocks to accessing who you are at soul level.

“Right at the moment I am crying….I don’t know why…

I noticed that the amount of pain I was carrying in my body has decreased tremendously. For once, I’m feeling light and able to move around well.

I was struggling to walk, for my right foot was not being able to make the steps well but now that too seems to have vanished…

On the whole, am feeling so much lighter and much energetic now…Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the clearing [Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing & Activation] Alan.

Thank you again.” K Veni S.~ Kedah, Malaysia

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Keep shining like 10,000 suns!

Alan D~

Soul Body Anatomy 101 and Healing Five Common Energy Blocks

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Hey Evolutionary Mystic,

A few kind words from a fellow mystic…

Thank you for your time, wisdom and guidance in a very comprehensive in-depth session with me…. Your [Soul Reading Clearing, Healing & Activation] work is both deep and inspiring!

I definitely felt a positive shift after the session, feeling more centered and grounded. I had 3 professional opportunities within 24 hours of the session. They are diverse and very exciting. I am working on all three of them. Thank you…

>>> Irina Yashkova …Houston, TX

I have two things for you today…

  1. Your Soul Body Anatomy and damage repair; and
  2. Your private Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing, & Activation Summer Finale – 50% Off Sale

ONE) ‘Clearing and Activating’ your soul body anatomy is essential in your journey to happiness, healing, wholeness, and enlightenment.

My current fascination is cracking the code on what keeps me, you, and all of us from experiencing Whole-Body, Whole-Being Enlightenment…24/7. The quick answer is…the layers of pain and protection; both conscious and unconscious, trapped throughout your “whole-body & whole-being.”

Your ‘whole-body’ is your Five Vital Intelligences…your physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual IQ’s.

Your ‘whole-being’ is your Spiritual IQ; including your spiritual anatomy, your five Spiritual Realms, 15 chakras, and 15 dimensions (a spiritual dimension is a specific frequency band of energy).

That’s why I focus so much on Whole-Body, Whole Being Healing.  So today, let’s focus on your spiritual anatomy. And some of the common problems that will keep you, and the rest of us, stuck in old habits. Trapped in old behaviors that cost you a much higher price than the safety, comfort, and protection they used to deliver for you.

Here’s Spiritual Anatomy 101…

Your five Spiritual Realms, also called ‘harmonic universes,’ are:

1) Incarnate, 2) Soul 3) Over-Soul 4) Avatar and 5) Rishi.

Each Spiritual Realm includes 3 chakras, or 3 dimensional frequencies of pure wave energy.

  1. Your Incarnate Realm includes Chakras 1-3, and Dimensions 1-3. This is your 3-D personality;
  2. Your Soul Realm includes Chakras 4-6, and Dimensions 4-6. This contains all your soul’s DNA. These are your spiritual, archetypal, and angelic dimensions;
  3. Your Over-Soul Realm includes Chakras 7-9, and Dimensions 7-9. This realm contains your past life karma and soul contracts;
  4. Your Avatar Realm includes Chakras 10-12, and Dimensions 10-12; This realm is the first stage of your enlightenment. It includes the ascended masters from ALL traditions. 
  5. Your Rishi Realm includes Chakras 13-15, and Dimensions 13-15. This is your experience of unity consciousness, of non-dual reality. 

Your energy body has two primary energy grids – your personal grid and your universal grid.

When we shift into enlightenment we directly experience that universal grid.

Your personal/personality grid, also called your auric field, includes the Incarnate, Soul, and Over-Soul spiritual realms. Your universal grid includes your Avatar and Rishi spiritual realms.

Common Problems for your Auric Field~

  1. Missing or Broken Soul Facets – your auric field has 617 facets. With trauma or intense stress some of those facets break, stop functioning, or even get lost.
  2. Tears in your Soul’s Golden Web – there is an intricate web of golden, liquid light that connects the center of each Soul Facet to the 9 chakras
  3. Soul Attachments drain your vital life force energy. These include discarnate souls and energy portals,
  4. Chakra Malfunctions – these include reverse vortexes and under-active or over-active chakras for the lower, 7 embodied chakras.
  5. Priority Karmic Imprints – karmic blocks are ‘frozen light’ stuck in your energy.

Any of these problems, malfunctions, and/or blocks cause major energy drains and impact your sense of well-being… and problems in manifesting your most fabulous life; including your…

  • vital health,
  • intimacy with the important folks in your life,
  • cash-flow and wealth;
  • success and performing at your peak; and
  • spiritual connection.

Whole-Body, Whole Being Healing def means clearing and activating all five levels of your body and all five spiritual realms.

There are many spiritual healing modalities and techniques. I’ve been an energy medicine practitioner myself for over 30 years now. There are very few healers out there that truly understand the depth and scope of your spiritual anatomy AND have the skills to clear and activate your whole-being.


TWO) For my Private Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing, & Activation clients I do a soul scan and complete soul diagnosis to check what needs repairing, clearing, and activating in your auric field.

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Alan D~

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