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Evolutionary Mystic Meditation: Five Tips to New Healthy Habits

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Five Tips to New Healthy Habits

© by Alan Davidson ~ The Fabulous Gay Mystic!

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you get the habits right.”~ Major, US Army

Let me tell you a story…

I’m celebrated a milestone this week. On February 28th of 1990, I staggered home to Houston from the Mardi Gras decadence in New Orleans. My body felt like a toxic dump site after a very long Fat Tuesday…complete with drug binges and alcohol tastings. After a weary drive home to Texas, that same Friday (March 1st) I picked up another sobriety chip at a noon AA meeting.

What a journey from the life of an “ex-meth junkie, drag queen, and bartender to the fabulous” to 30 years Sober…and living my Soul’s Purpose in the world. I am in awe of the “the God of My Understanding,” and the grace I’ve received to be here. I am truly grateful for the spiritual principles that I choose to live by. They help keep me thriving and healthy.

As I learned in The Twelve Step program, celebrating a milestone like this didn’t come because I made a “Thirty Year Plan!” It came living “one day at a time.” And making the principles of my sobriety daily, weekly, even monthly habits.


The Frist Step of the Mystic’s Journey is to ‘Re-Center & Re-Charge.’

Fabulous health, healing, and spiritual transformation all require recharging your energies.

Do your daily habits deplete your already sagging energy levels?

Or do your daily habits rest, restore, and recharge your vital energies?

It’s hard to sustain fabulous health, healing, or spiritual evolution if you are running on half-filled tanks of energy.

Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Excellence is a habit, or a cluster of habits that have become so ingrained in your brain, your body, and your routines that they are automatic.

Enlightenment is also a habit…

Habit’s like…

  • The ways you move and restore your bodies energy;
  • The ways you feel and restore your emotional energies;
  • The ways you think and restore your mental energies;
  • The way you restore your will-power: your choices…are they conscious or unconscious; and
  • How you restore your spiritual energies: the way that chi, skakti, or vital energy moves through your spiritual anatomy.

Each of these are habits of moving, feeling, thinking, choosing, and being that Re-charge your energy.


So what is a habit? And more importantly what are “the five tips” you can use to form new healthy habits that stick…and eventually transform your life?

Through a couple of hundred thousand years of evolution, our human brains are constantly looking for ways to save effort. Our habit-loops are the ways that our brains find to save energy and effort.

Habits are patterns, repeated over and over, that become automatic. We don’t have to think about them. They are harder at first; later, they become easy and automatic.

Imagine tying your shoe laces. Can you remember back to being a young kid and trying to tie your shoes? I can imagine the intense look on my face, tongue stuck out, concentrating hard on getting that shoe lace to “do right.”

Today, do you have to even think about tying your shoes (unless of course your lace gets tangled and have to untie the knots)?

Warning…Geek Stuff!

In his award winning book, Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg says Scientists define a habit as a three-step loop.”

Step 1] The Cue: a cue is a sensational trigger that tells your brain it’s time to go into automatic mode; and which habit you should use.

Step 2] The Routine: which can be a physical, emotional, or mental pattern.

Step 3] The Reward: the goodness that you sense after the routine that tells your brain this particular habit-loop is worth remembering.

Cue, routine, reward; cue, routine, reward; rinse and repeat; rinse and repeat yet again; until the habit becomes more and more automatic.

*** Five Tips to New Healthy Habits! ***

Enlightenment is a habit. Excellence is a habit. Sobriety is a habit…

Here are some simple hacks for creating new healthy habits that will stick…and transform your life.

1] Stack Your Habits~

“The best way to form a new habit is to tie it to an existing habit,” says Tara-Parker Pope in a recent NY Times article on forming healthy habits.

Most folk’s morning routine is their strongest cluster of habits; teeth, shower, coffee, newspaper, breakfast…or “Insert Your Fave morning routine” of habits here.

Instead of just brushing your teeth, you can choose to stand on one foot to practice balance while you brush your teeth. Or before you savor that first cup of tea or morning-joe in the morning, choose to start a one-minute meditation practice…or two, or five minutes :).

If you already have a meditation practice, keep your favorite Evolutionary Mystic tapping script by your altar so you “at your fingertips” the inspiration to shift, tap, and sit in Infinite Stillness, Divine Love, or Ecstatic Joy as you wish.

For most folks, the end of day routine tends to be the weakest. So before you plop in front of the TV, Facebook, or your computer…choose to start a single daily yoga pose.

2] Start Small~

Stanford University researcher B.J. Fogg, and author of the book Tiny Habit, says, “To make a new habit as easy as possible, in the beginning start with small habits. Big behavior changes require a high level of motivation that often can’t be sustained.

In my own life, I wanted to start a daily sit-up habit. I started with five sit-ups a day, and to make it stick, tied my morning sit-ups to a daily habit: getting dressed for my day (Stack Your Habits). Physical exercise like sit-ups, yoga poses, and the like Re-Charge your bodies physical energies.

3] Do It Every Day~

The amount of time it takes for a habit to become automatic ranges from 18 to 254 days. According to a study in The European Journal of Social Psychology, the average is 66 days.

The moral of this story is that habits can take a long time to create. Like Aristotle wisely points out…“We are what we repeatedly do.” Routines become habits when we do them more often.

You are more likely to stick with an exercise habit when you do some small exercise– a yoga pose, a brisk walk, or sit-ups — every day.

4] Make It Easy~

Dr. Wendy Wood, the author of Good Habits, Bad Habits: The Science of Making Positive Changes That Stick calls the forces that get in the way of good habits “friction.” I call those forces “Resistance.” Resistance is also the part of you that leads of your inner Defense Team. Resistance protects you, keeps you safe, keeps you from stepping too far outside your comfort cocoon.

For those of you who sleep in your birthday suites, laying out your exercise clothes before you go to bed at night is an option. Dr. Wood began sleeping in her running clothes to make it easier to get up, put on her running shoes, and head out the door for her run.

Packing your gym bag at the end of the day and putting it by the door is another simple trick to reduce Resistance and help you keep up a new routine.

5] Reward Yourself~

Rewards are an essential part of the habit loop. Every long-term habit we ever created had an inherent reward. That’s why we repeated it over and over until it became a habit, for better or worse.

Take brushing your teeth. The reward is immediate – a minty, fresh taste in your mouth. Other rewards – like weight loss, the physical changes from exercise, or the emotional or mental changes that come with habitual meditation – take longer to show up.

That’s why it helps to build in immediate rewards to help you form a healthy habit. My friends Judy and Mark would ride their bikes for 20 to 30 miles on a Sunday morning. Their reward…pancakes at the International House of Pancakes.

After laser-focusing on writing for a couple of hours, I reward myself with 20 minutes on Facebook (I set an actual timer so the rabbit-hole that is social media reward really only lasts 20 minutes J).


Let’s recap our short dive in the hacks for building new healthy habits:

1] Stack Your Habits~ The best way to form a new habit is to tie it to an existing habit.

2] Start Small ~ Start with tiny habits to make a new habit as easy as possible.

3] Do It Every Day~ Habits form faster when we do them every day.

4] Make It Easy~ Reduce Resistance and friction by clearing away the obstacles that stand in your way.

5] Reward Yourself~ Give yourself some little immediate gratification to help you form a new habit.

Compared to my ‘30 Years Sober’ habits, my sit-up routine is fairly new. Check back in a year from now…and we’ll see how I’m doing weaving in these five tips to create a new habit of re-charging my physical energy.

What new habits do you want to create for your own vibrant health; radiant relationships; enlightened mind; ever-open heart; wise and compassionate choices; and soaring spirit?

Go Deeper~

The Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Home Study Course will give you access to the Infinite, Eternal, and Blissful states of being ‘at your fingertips.’ It will also help you turn these amazing states of being into joyful habits…and a permanent stage of your own human evolution.

Check out Evolutionary Mystic Meditation here:

About Alan Davidson~

Alan Davidson, creator of Evolutionary Mystic Mediation

Alan says, “I fuel the tipping point of human consciousness. 3% of the world’s population is dancing around “enlightenment” as a way of being. As that # of enlightened people grows to 6% and 7% the problems that plague humanity now will dramatically shift. As 10% of the world’s population shifts into full enlightened consciousness, roughly the current population of Europe, a tipping point of transformation will make life on earth a very different experience for those who follow us.”

Alan Davidson is the creator of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation and the founder of He’s the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 best-selling Health and Wellness book and winner of TWO national Book-of-the-Year Awards.

For two years, Alan was a sitting board member for The Center of Integral Wisdom, along with Ken Wilber, Marc Gafni, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sally Kempton, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, John Gray, John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) and a host of other world class spiritual teachers.

Alan has a B.S. with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, and spiritual practice.  Alan has taught massage, meditation, energy medicine, movement, and human transformation since 1990.

Alan did a crash course in business and marketing to launch his book Body Brilliance (which hit #7 Top 100 Books at Barnes and Noble). Alan was named the 2007 Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Houston Marketer-of-the-Year for his savvy skills. Alan has taught and consulted with Body-Mind-Spirit entrepreneurs on their business, marketing, and a special emphasis on Internet Marketing since 2006.

Alan completed Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager training in 2009. He helps body-mind-spirit entrepreneurs launch their products and services over the internet to share their message, have a greater impact, and boost their sales. Alan has managed and/or designed over SEVENTY product launches and marketing campaigns for his clients since 2009.

[Four Steps] How to Be Strong and Be Courageous

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[Four Steps] How to Be Strong and Be Courageous

By Alan Davidson ©

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear—
not absence of fear.”~
Mark Twain, author of Huckleberry Finn


“Practice makes perfect.
Careful what you practice.”~

George Leonard, author of The Five Keys of Mastery


Fierce strength and unshakable courage are qualities of every modern Mystic, Saint, and Sage. That fierce strength and courage serves their core values of Love, Peace, and Joy. An Evolutionary Mystic taps her strength and unshakable courage so that she can stand-up against Fear, and its tentacles of cruelty, hatred, and violence of ALL kinds (thought, word, and deed).

Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Philosophy

When I was on the Board of Directors for Ken Wilber’s Center For Integral Wisdom, we called ourselves an ‘activist think-tank.’ With other board members like Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Grey, Michael Beckwith, we talked about demonstrating courage when it counted…not just lip service with thinking and talking. But being strong and courageous in living rooms, churches, YMCAs, and on the streets when the “call for courage” occured in the real 3-D World.

Dahlink, Let Me Tell You a Story~

In this good ole US of A, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.  King, following in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau, and Mohandas Gandhi, led peaceful, civil disobedient actions to protest the cruel, hateful, and violent treatment of African Americans in the Deep South.

Eye on the Prize, the PBS series on the civil rights movement shares an interview with John Lewis, now a longtime congressman from Georgia.

John Lewis arrested during Nashville sit-in February 1960

In February of 1960, Lewis joined a group of other well-trained black students to protest. Dressed in their Sunday-go-to-Church-finest, they resolutely took seats at white-only lunch counters in downtown Nashville.

Refused service by the white managers and waitresses, the students did homework or studied. They refused to give up their seats to white people.  Confusion from the waitresses and other white patrons often turned to fury and rage that these young folk would dare challenge the superiority of white society.

The lunch counter sit-ins could get violent.

Mobs could gather, hurling insults, spitting on the protesters, often with white police officers standing to the side. But the protesters were strong and they were courageous. They were physically, emotionally, mentally, morally, and spiritually tough. They took the abuse from their white neighbors without getting angry; without resorting to violence of any kind.

These acts of strength and courage were the beginning of the end of Nashville’s segregated downtown lunch counters.

These Sunday-dressed black students were trained for this. They were toughened up emotionally and mentally rehearsed. They had practiced how to be strong and courageous. They had rehearsed how to live their values with love…in the face of extreme anger and often violence.

Teaching Point~ You Can Practice How to Be Strong and Courageous

The Heath Brothers in their excellent book, The Power of Moments, write about “practicing courage.” I love that…practicing courage.

Most often, life gives us unpredictable moments for strength and courage. But those moments for courage can catch us off guard. They can fly by. Leaving us asking, “Why didn’t I say something? Or why didn’t I do something?”

An obnoxious family member belittles someone; a coworker suggests something slightly unethical; a client makes a racist or sexist remark; and you’re so caught by surprise, you’re temporarily mute…and thus, do nothing. Only ten minutes later your Inner-Critic kicks in to curse you for not acting. You missed your moment.

Here’s the important thing; your courage can practiced; your strength can be rehearsed. So when a moment for courage demands it, you can and will be ready.

Mary Gentile, U of Virginia Darden School of Business

Mary Gentile, an Ethics professor at the U of Virginia Darden School of Business discovered “People often know what to do. The hard part is acting on that judgement.”

You know how you want to live your values in the world. You just may get caught off-guard, or second guess yourself.

Gentile became convinced that ethics should focus on ‘HOW can I get the right thing done’…rather than ‘WHAT is the right thing to do.’ She created Giving Voice to Values. At the heart of her strategy is practice.

  1. Identify situations where strength and courage may be needed (obnoxious family member, unethical co-worker, racist client, etc.)
  2. Anticipate the rationalizations you may hear (Did I hear that right? Is that what they really mean? Is it my place to call them on this behavior? Other people will be annoyed I’m rocking the boat for no good reason?)
  3. Script your response and action;
  4. Practice with your peers.

These are similar steps that John Lewis and the other lunch-counter protestors used to steel themselves when their Moments for Courage counted the most.

To prep for the onslaught of white anger, the black students practiced their strength. They rehearsed their courage.

They had dress-rehearsals in church basements. Organizers hired white actors to come in and hurl insults at them. The actors spat on them and tripped them when they stood-up to go to the bathroom.

The students practiced what to say when furious white people hurled insults. The students rehearsed how to act when things got violent; and what to do when the police arrested them.

These strong and courageous sheroes and heroes were as ready as they could possibly be. We can all take a page from their play book.

  • Identify, 2) Anticipate, 3) Script, and 4) Practice.

You may never have to endure the kind of anger, hate, or violence that those young black protesters did…God willing. But you will have Moments For Courage…over and over. You can practice your strength; you can rehearse your courage.

Your Take Away~

Your Take Away~

  • You Can Practice How to Be Strong and Courageous.
  • The experience of Divine Love, Infinite Stillness, and Bliss recharges your core values of Love, Peace, and Joy.

Call To Action~

I talk often about the mystic’s rituals to Recenter & Recharge. Your regular rituals of meditation and movement plug you back into the experience of Divine Love, Infinite Stillness, Peace, and ecstatic Joy. They recharge your core spiritual values of Love, Peace, and Joy.

The experience of Divine Love, Infinite Stillness, and Bliss recharges your core values of Love, Peace, and Joy. These spiritual values are every mystic’s North Star. They are the values that fuel your Strength and nourish your Courage.  

You can also add regular Moral Rituals for practicing strength and courage in the face of adversity. Find a like-souled person and work through these four steps; 1) Identify, 2) Anticipate, 3) Script, and 4) Practice.

The fastest way I have found to access the infinite, eternal, and blissful states of being is using Evolutionary Mystic Meditation.

You can check it out here:

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation: Daily Meditation, Rituals, & Cutting Through Chaos

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by Alan Davidson ©

“Never Forget: This very moment, we can change our lives.
There never was a moment, and never will be,
when we are without the power to alter our destiny.”~

Steven Pressfield,
author of The War of Art


Hello Dahlink!

[Dahlink, that’s drag-speak for darlin’]

Back in wild days, my mad existence… my persona, Appassionnetta von Klymaxx, was way fiercer than my ordinary, scared-of-my-own-shadow, Personal Self.  She was courageous, never in doubt, and could say and do things I was terrified to imagine, much less do.

Amazing what some cat eye glasses and an attitude change can do for a girl’s confidence.

Alas in those days Appassionnetta had a razor sharp tongue. And she wasn’t always kind. She certainly did help me survive…and to thrive in her own way.

Until that part of me, a wiser, Mystic-Self; that was slumbering deep inside of me began to wake up; a mystic that was destined to claim his own unique Rainbow Radiance in the world.

So, what is the secret to THIS “moment of destiny” that can alter your life that Steven Pressfield talks about?

They are moments of clarity, choice, and action…they are the moments that cut through the noise of ordinary 3-D Reality, The Matrix, or the Muggle World. They are available in every moment…when you can penetrate through the resistance and into the truth of things.

Dahlink, let me tell you a story…

The afternoon I got my first HIV-Negative diagnosis was a grueling hot Texas day.

When we knew that HIV/AIDS was caused by a virus, I assumed that I would die a painful, lonely death. As an IV drug user, I had shared syringes with men who had already died of AIDS. I just assumed I would join them…and shortly.

Going to AA and getting clean and sober I had to decide if I was making short-term plans for my life; or if I could make long-term plans for my life. So I went to take my first test.

Miraculously, I was…and still am HIV-Negative. That was the Fall of 1987.

I left the Montrose AIDS clinic that day vowing to get-my-act-together and use my gifts, talents, and genius to help my terrified and suffering “people.”

Daily Meditation Ritual

The Power of Daily Meditation & Movement Rituals~

Without my regular rituals, I might have missed a Moment of Destiny; the signal that a path to use my gifts, talents, and genius was at hand.


For me…

a ritual is a repeated set of intentional,
carefully chosen actions that invoke a specific result.

Mystics, shamans, saints, and sages the world over have used daily and regular rituals to effect changes in consciousness.

I’ve been meditating and “dancing the Tao” with my Tai Chi since 1983. Getting clean and sober put those two sacred rituals on steroids.

Gradually, with my daily meditation and movement rituals, I was able to cut through the chaos of my own Personal Self and my own inner-resistance; cut through most of the murk of my fears, self-doubt, and self-loathing (anyone who puts a needle in their arm to get high has a ton of self-hatred).

I was able to cut through the chaos of the noisy, 3-D Reality around me and touch the stillness already, always within my Mystic Mind.

Only then, I believe, could the voice of Destiny speak to and through me…

I was standing at the Information Desk at Houston’s own WholeFoods (John Mackey’s parents lived close to my bohemian neighborhood in Montrose. He opened the 3rd WholeFoods ever in Houston so his parents could get whole, healthy foods).

As I stood there rather impatiently, I noticed a brochure for a local massage school. Out of mild curiosity and to pass the time, I picked up the brochure. As I read about a career “helping people heal,” a voice…deep from within me said, “You can do this.”

Now, I’ve been intuitive and fascinated by the psychic realms all my life. But until that Fall Day in 1987, I had never heard the Voice of Wisdom come so clearly, deeply, and confidently from within my own Being.

I had my moment of clarity. And I knew enough to trust “the voice.”

But did I have the instinct to follow through? Did I have the strength to make a choice and take an action to fulfill that destiny?

A few months later I found myself enrolled at The Winters School of Massage.

I am convinced that my daily meditation and movement rituals, amplified by sobriety, allowed The Voice of Destiny, of inner-wisdom and knowing, to come so vividly through me.

And it was the AA daily rituals of realizing “something greater than myself” was at play in my life.

Your Take-Away?

1] A ritual is a repeated set of intentional, carefully chosen actions that invoke a specific result.

2] Daily meditation and movement rituals can and will help you cut through the chaos of your Personal Self and inner-resistance.

3] Regular rituals can and will help you cut through the chaos of the noisy 3-D World. And help you find the stillness that is already, always within you.

So, Dahlink!

What are the daily meditation and movement rituals that YOU use to tap your Mystic Self; to cut through the chaos in your world?

What regular rituals do you use to embody your own gifts, talent, and genius?

Invitation to Go Deeper~

The fastest and easiest rituals I have found for accessing the Infinite, Eternal, and Blissful states of being is my Evolutionary Mystic Meditation.

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Jacqueline Kane: Healing Ancestral Karma

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Healing Ancestral Karma for a Joyful, Pain Free Life w
Jacqueline Kane & Alan Davidson

Evolutionary Mystic Masters
Interview Series w Alan Davidson

Listen In as Jacque shares with you…

  1. How your Ancestral Karma is affecting your health
  2. How Ancestral Karma creates limiting beliefs
  3. How Ancestral Karma can be cleared and healed

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Soul Activation and Clearing Meditation

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If this Mystic Masters Interview with Jacque was helpful, please leave us a comment below. How is Ancestral Karma holding you back? Who would healing your Ancestral Karma free you to BE?

Evolutionary Mystic Masters: Feel Better Fast w EFT Tapping ~ Jondi Whitis Interview

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Listen in as Jondi shares…

1] What is EFT Tapping?

2] EFT Tapping for “Feeling Better Faster.”

3] The difference between feeling better and making real change in your life

4] The importance in real training to sense the power and promise of EFT Tapping

5] Houston Taps November 1-3, 2019

Click here for more info on Houston Taps w Jondi

About Jondi;

Master Trainer of Trainers Jondi Whitis enthusiastically delivers her experience and joyful use of practical mastery with EFT.

Jondi is an Accredited Certified Master Trainer & Trainer of Trainers through EFTi (EFT International). She is also a sits on the Training Board for EFTi.

Jondi is the creator of the annual Spring Energy Event in New Jersey.

Jondi is the founder of The EFT Training for Mastery Program, which is accredited and certified internationally through AAMET International, the original EFT association.

Jondi is dedicated to taking EFT/Tapping to the highest level of unified, accredited standards of trainer certification and student oversight. AAMET is the only true non-profit, and a legally registered charity association, engaged in professional instruction of health and wellness care workers.