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Alan says, “I fuel the tipping point of human consciousness. 3% of the world’s population is dancing around “enlightenment” as a way of being. As that # of enlightened people grows to 6% and 7% the problems that plague humanity now will dramatically shift. As 10% of the world’s population shifts into full enlightened consciousness, roughly the current population of Europe, a tipping point of transformation will make life on earth a very different experience for those who follow us.”

Alan Davidson is the creator of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation and the founder of ThroughYourBody.com. He’s the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 best-selling Health and Wellness book and winner of TWO national Book-of-the-Year Awards.

For two years, Alan was a sitting board member for The Center of Integral Wisdom, along with Ken Wilber, Marc Gafni, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sally Kempton, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, John Gray, John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) and a host of other world class spiritual teachers.

Alan has a B.S. with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, and spiritual practice.  Alan has taught massage, meditation, energy medicine, movement, and human transformation since 1990.

Alan is the midwife of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation, the synthesis of Voice Dialogue, Big Mind, EFT/Tapping and Shadow Work. He lives in Houston, TX with his husband, Jim, and their dog Hunter; a 69 pound boxer who whole-heartedly believes he is the center of the universe.

Alan did a crash course in business and marketing to launch his book Body Brilliance (which hit #7 Top 100 Books at Barnes and Noble). Alan was named the 2007 Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Houston Marketer-of-the-Year for his savvy skills. Alan has taught and consulted with Body-Mind-Spirit entrepreneurs on their business, marketing, and a special emphasis on Internet Marketing since 2006.

Alan completed Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager training in 2009. He helps body-mind-spirit entrepreneurs launch their products and services over the internet to share their message, have a greater impact, and boost their sales. Alan has managed and/or designed over SEVENTY product launches and marketing campaigns for his clients since 2009.

Some of Alan’s Product Launch Strategy Clients:

  •  Margaret M Lynch – 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, Tapping Into Wealth Amazon Best seller, Tapping Into Wealth Certified Coaches
  • David Neagle – Art of Success-II,
  • Ted McGrath – Message to Millions,
  • Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner – Tapping Into Ultimate Success,
  • Suzanne Evans – NYTimes Bestselling book campaign,
  • Lisa Sasevich – Speak to Sell 2014 launch,
  • Silva Method International – Total Life Transformation,
  • Marcia Weider – Wealthy Visionary Conference 2013,
  • Rich German – Monetize Your Passion,
  • Barefoot Doctor – School For Warriors I, II, III,
  • Brian Horn – Be On Page One of Google,
  • Sandy Grayson – The Fabulous Factor,
  • Jan Stringer & Alan Hickman – Perfect Customers,
  • Alan Davidson – Body Brilliance book launch.

Margaret M Lynch says…

Alan Davidson is Product Launch Manager, King of all Kings! from his lips flow God-like words of wisdom and conversion, creator of the no bullshit enlightened tapping process that is guaranteed to spin ur nips, on again off again drag queen, husband of a handsome sailor,  etc

For more information: 713-524-7139

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Facilitators!

Jacqueline Kane

Evolutionary Mystic Mediation Advanced Facilitator~

Jacqueline Kane, the Stop The Pain Specialist, wants to know what’s going on underneath the surface. After 15 years in private practice as a healer, and over 30 years in health care, she knows that one of the keys to a full life is to look past the symptoms of a problem to access the cause.

Along her journey as a Bowenwork Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Expert, Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Facilitator, Soul Clearings, Tapping into Wealth Coach and Massage Therapist, she discovered the crucial hidden links between physical pain, finances, and our ability to live with joy and ease. Her research led her to create unique, results-oriented methods for uncovering these connections.

Her programs liberate clients from both physical pain and financial struggle so they create a path to energy, health, ease with money, and personal fulfillment. Jacqueline works with individuals, groups, and organizations. She is the creator of the Healthy Wealthy Success System© for creating a joyful, pain-free life full of energy and financial success.

“I’ve tried it all and with Jacqueline’s powerful system I have more energy and I am hiking for hours Pain Free! Thank you Jacqueline!”  Deb Piermarini, Gaylordsville, CT

Contact Jacqueline at: Jacqueline@JacquelineMKane.com | (860) 307-0232 | www.JacquelineMKane.com | New Hartford, CT


Kai Sun Rose

Advanced Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Facilitator~

Kai Sun Rose~ Kai is the founder of The Love Warrior Project: Birthing Warriors to Love Boldly, Age Powerfully, Live Abundantly and Change the World through LOVE!

Kai holds a B.S in Biology from Bates College; a Masters in Health Professions and Physician Assistant Certification from Northeastern University; and is an Associate Professor for Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Kai is a Pipe Holder for the Sacred Prayer Pipe Ceremony in the Lakota Sioux lineage. Since 1998, Kai has studied the other Traditional Lakota Sioux Ceremonies including Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, and danced in eleven Sundance Ceremonies.

As a decades-long student of energy movement and healing, Kai knew she would some “day” transition from her 30 year “day job” as a practicing Dermatology Physician’s Assistant to being a full-time Transformational Coach, Spiritual Healer and Teacher.

Kai is an Advanced Evolutionary Mystic Mediation Facilitator, a Oneness Blessing Giver, and a Reiki Energy healer. She also holds several certifications from Margaret Lynch’s Transformational Methods Institute;  Igniting your Power – clearing and healing through the lower chakras; Tapping into Wealth Coach; and a Master Coach for the Rockstar Transformation Process.

Kai says she has healed so much pain in her life through Sacred Ceremony and through Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique. Major shifts came when she learned how the Chakras relate to the negative programming that occurs when we are young and innocent. Healing the Chakras, by shifting that defensive, old programming, freed her from the pain and suffering of the past.

From the first moment she experienced Evolutionary Mystic Mediation w Alan, she found the perfect union of tapping and a spiritual focus towards Enlightenment so integral in her life. Evolutionary Meditation armed her with a gentle solution to finally help individuals address their deepest wounds and to completely free them from the past so that they can experience, joy, peace, and prosperity in every moment.

Contact: Kai Sun Rose
Phone: 978-660-9819
Email: Lovewarriorproject@comcast.net
Website: www.LoveWarriorProject.com


Ms. Denise Simpson

Evolutionary Mystic Mediation Advanced Facilitator~

Denise M. Simpson, M.Ed., CCH, helps coaches, healers and entrepreneurs transform their health, wealth, and confidence. Clients say “that was amazing…a miracle…magical” as they get results from Courageous Heart Living™; Power, Passion, and Profit™; Enlightened Soul Living™, Evolutionary Mystic Meditation™ and more programs within Awesome Life Coaching.

Denise coaches globally with 2 Masters of Education, is a Certified Evolutionary Mystic Meditation™ Facilitator, AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner, Tapping Into Wealth™ coach, NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Convention Faculty, speaker, & author of A Muse Your Self Writing™.

Denise applies her years of education, expertise, and global award-winning training skills to deliver awesome results so you can live an awesome life!

Contact Denise M. Simpson at: DeniseMSimpsonMed@gmail.com | 603-505-6876 | DeniseMSimpson.com | Derry, New Hampshire USA


Carolyn McGee! Evolutionary Mystic Mediation Advanced Facilitator~

Fiona Orr! Evolutionary Mystic Mediation Advanced Facilitator~