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Somatic therapy is the art and science of harmonizing your life. The Greek word soma means “the living body in

its wholeness; or mind, body, and spirit in unity.” It is a body-centered way of living that combines bodywork, breath work, movement, and meditation to bring attention to our bodies. These disciplines are used for creating physical vitality, emotional stability, and personal effectiveness; essentially it’s the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. It is the ultimate in spiritual cross training.

This simple focus on the body develops awareness and self-acceptance. It allows us to know ourselves more fully—how we stand and breathe, how we express our emotions, how we perceive the world and experience it.

Body-centered attention, Inquiry and emotional processes are the primary tools used to explore the edge of our fears and leave the comfort zone of our everyday lives; to share the stories of our hearts; to develop trust and community; and to support each other in self-discovery.